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I recently got a DELL U2412M monitor and realized it only had a display port and no HDMI. I was wondering if I could hook up my Xbox 360 HDMI out to my monitor via the display port so I could get full HD 1080P. Im currently running my Xbox off of a VGA connector and would like better quality, so I was wondering if i could take advantage of the display port. Is this possible? and if so whats the best choice thanks.

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  1. I don't think so. Sorry but if you wanted to use your xbox on it you should have gotten something with HDMI. I suppose you could try an active adapter, but you really should email dell tech support to see if it's possible.
  2. You can do it with an adapter, however you won't get any audio :(
  3. For an active adapter do you mean HDMI to display port or HDMI to VGA?
  4. I'm having the exact situation. Same monitor trying to do the same with my xbox. It works find dvi to hdmi. I recently purchased and tried it out tonight but did not work. I tried using it on my xbox and computer and neither worked. Not sure at this point if it is the cable or displayport on my dell monitor. I'm going to try and return it and try and purchase an adapter.

    If you get any luck please post your solution. GL =]
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