Need Help in My Mid-Range Gaming Pc

i'm building a mid-range gaming PC

and need some help in choosing a Good GPU in Range of ( 150 - 200 USD )

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies and Light Editing

Country: Egypt

Parts Preferences:

cpu: i5 2500k 3.3 GHz 6 Mb

mobo: AsRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional

ram: Gskill Sniper SR2 1600mhz 2x4GB Low Voltage 1.25 v

gpu: N560GTX-M2D1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 Non Ti 1GB GDDR5
SAPPHIRE HD 6870 1G GDDR5 Dirt3 Edition
any card better in The Range

hdd: WD Caviar Green 64Mb 1Tb

psu: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M600
SeaSonic S12II 620W
Corsair TX650

case: COOLER MASTER HAF 912 Advanced i was really looking for Storm Scout then i discover that's the
space inside isn't that much also will block my 10 Sata Ports

cpu cooler:COOLER MASTER Hyper212+

Overclocking: Yes / No / Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Yes / No / Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1600x1200

thanks 4 Your Help
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  1. Some pretty good choices for the most part but I wouldn't use a 5900 RPM as your primary - that will be a major bottleneck. If you were using an SSD as your primary and then that as your secondary that's fine.

    If there's a store you buy from - knowing local availability will help to suggest parts better.
  2. For PSU I would stick to Corsair or Antec.

    +1 on avoiding the slow HDD. I like WD, just not the green. Go blue, or black (5 year warranty FTW).

    Here's mandatory reading for GPU decisions if you're looking at price ranges.,3107-7.html
  3. Good comments from g-unit1111 and catatafish

    Don't pay extra for 1.25v ram, faster speeds than 1333 or fancy heat spreaders.
    Sandy bridge is insensitive to ram speeds.

    I think the motherboard you picked may be more expensive than you need.
    Do you really need a full ATX motherboard with 7 expansion slots?
    Perhaps a cheaper Micro-ATX with 4 slots would do.

    Instead of a hard drive, consider a 60 gb or larger ssd, at least for starters. That is large enough for the os and several games.
    You can add a hard drive later for expansion if neded.

    I don't understand why you think sata ports will be blocked.
    How many do you need? Perhaps only two or three anyway.
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