XFX HD 4650 not working with intel dh55hc board!

hi my pc specs are
core i3 540 3.06 ghz
intel dh55hc motherboard
2 Gb single stick ram
500 gb HDD
Dany 650 Watt power supply
i recently brought a xfx hd 4650 Gddr2 512 mb and connected it in my boards PCIe 16 slot perfectly and connected the vga cable to it and when i power onn the pc, there is no display and the motherboard gives 2 beeps 1 second apart(which continues 5 seconds apart)
and when i connect the vga to the integrated graphics and remove the card, my pc works fine even when the card works perfectly at my friend's pc!
my computer retailer says that my card is ddr2 and my board is ddr3 and thats the reason that it is not working(which i believe is not correct)
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  1. i have heard on other forms that it will work and i have to disable the hd integrated graphics first so i uninstalled its driver and then connected the card and booted my pc and it WORKED perfectly but when i shutdown my pc and restart it again, the same problem continuous as the 2 beeps and no display!!
    plz help me on this!!!
  2. you have to go into the control panel and then into device manager and under display adapters right click on intergrated then click on disable. Close out and restart your computer.

    Should work but if it doesent. Then restart and hit the delete button before you get to the windows screen. This will put into the bios and in there you can disable the on board graphics. Good luck with it.
  3. tried but didnt work either! still the 2 beeps at boot and no display! i am just gona sold my card and get a ddr3 card which is compatable with my board!
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