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I just purchased an NZXT Hale82 750W power supply for a new build. After getting it home I plugged it up to AC and turned it on but didn't get the fan to come on. Is it dead or does it need to be plugged to a mobo to work? I haven't buit a system in 8 years.

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  1. Has to be plugged into something or shorted thru the pins to turn on. Plug it in.
  2. Yes you need to connect to the MB first because the case have a power switch cable to connect to MB and from MB sent signal to the power supply to run....

    There has another method to make the power supply run without connect to MB ... we can test it be use a paper clip and connect to 2 pin on the 24 pin ... But you don't need to do that...

    Just connect to MB first...
  3. Didnt I just say that? heh
  4. vrumor said:
    Didnt I just say that? heh

    Thanks for the help!
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