GTX 550 Ti Crash and Crash?

Hey there guys, so i received a GTX 550 Ti recently. I used to have a GT440 DDR5 1GB there
My Power supply is a powerlogic magnum 415, peak power is 830w but the "stable" power is 415watts.
My CPU does not consume much energy, its an athlon II X4 645 3.1ghz
So basically, sometimes i can play just fine, like Need for speed shift 2 (ran fine while i played it for 1 hr), Today i spent 30 minutes on Crysis recording andit was fine, all maxed out. temps on the card are fine, but now i opened crysis again to play, and it had a few stutters after 2 mins or so (CPU and RAM usage on idle are fine, so are temps) then some overlooping of Google chrome (open in background) with the game, and it just froze..alt tabbing and ending process worked.
i opened company of heroes, and happened the same thing as yesterday, i started moving on an area, and it would show black parts all over the screen, i backed off and it was fine, untill it just got too unstable and crashed the game. Same thing happened yesterday.
My PSU has no PCI-E connector, but the graphis card came with an adaptor (2 Molex Connectors to PCI-E connector), so i have 2 molex connectors plugged into it, which go into the card, so i guess that isnt the problem either, as the adapter was boxed with the card, from Asus. The problem about CoH might be something else, an option on the video settings or so, i remember i had an issue like this once too and it got fixed by changing a video setting in CoH (when i had my laptop). But it seems that if i restart computer, and then run the games without doing other stuff first, that they run fine (didnt try CoH yet that way).
Could it be that i need a new PSU? its 6 months old by the way, everything is except for the graphics card, which is 2 days old :)
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Edit: PSU is Powerlogic magnum pro 415
  2. and once again, another edit
    Seen that with OCCT ,what may that affect? notice the -12v result...
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