Homebuilt - Bios Update, Keyboard no longer works.

I recently updated flashed my bios for Intel model motherboard D845GVSR. The utility said the flash was successful, etc. I restarted the computer and successfully booted into Windows. But, mouse and keyboard did not work.

So I tried using a PS/2 adapter for my usb keyboard, but that was not detected either.

The keyboard does not work when booting, and I cannot use it to get into the bios. I tried resetting the CMOS, but I cannot change the bios settings to default, because my keyboard does not work to choose that option.

Any ideas?

I was thinking that perhaps I should try to get an actual PS/2 keyboard, although not sure if that'd do anything. I'm sure my cd-rom drive aslo not detected to flash it again using the cd rom drive.
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  1. you should be able to reset bios without keyboard. Read your mb's user manual. There should be some jumpers to short to reset bios. Or you can take the battery off the mainboard for several minutes (or half an hour) to reset the bios.
  2. Thank You/ IT Helped me solve ma probs
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