GPU suddenly started overheating

I have a HD Radeon HD 4870, and it used to work fine(while being pretty hot, but that's to be expected considering the situation)
I moved away for a half a year, and this PC wasn't used at all( expect for once in a while my relatives would come over to Skype me), after I came back about two weeks ago, it was all fine, but the day befroe yesterday while playing Skyrim it just turned off(I figured due to overheat). After that i couldn't keep my PC on for more than 20 minutes(It took me 4 try's to right this)
I cleaned my PC, nothing seems to be damaged
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  1. PS I looked up the tempuratues, MY GPU tems were over 100!
    And when I suspected that it was maybe due to failed fan, I checked, Fan infact didn't move right, it would stop every 10 seconds or so, after i merely toched it, it started working normaly, but didn't chage the temps at all
  2. Yeah, that fan should be moving.

    When you cleaned it, you ensured that the cards heat sink was cleaned as well?

    Lots of dust can build up in that thing. It is best to use an air duster to push air in through the back vents then from the fan side. See if that helps, but if the fan is starting and stopping, something is not right.

    Even at its lowest speed, the fan should spin(it never shuts off).

    You can try to force the fan not move faster in CCC or MSI after burner.
  3. Yes, I did clean the heat sink. Matter of fact, i took out the card enterly, cleaned it completly, and even after that it didn't work right.
    Another good example, this morning(just now) when i turned the PC on, the GPU fan didn't start, it took a slightest touch to get it started.
    PS unforchantly , wen i bought the Video card I made a misstake of buing one with an in-case exaust.
  4. I am almost at a loss as to why the card is THAT hot.

    Have you tried to remove the heatsink and clean the old thermal paste and replace it with new stuff.

    You may have to consult the manufacturer about a warranty replacement since if the fan is the issue, no amount of cleaning or thermal paste replacement will help.
  5. Allright, I seem to have figured out the problem, I think it's the fan, when i take out the card, and try to spin it it dosen't spin nearly as easy as CPU or a Case Fan.
    Tomorow I'm going to a computer place, I need to figure out wthat to buy.
  6. Many users have just slapped a fan onto the existing heatsink and had good results.

    Almost thought toms had done an article with this idea, this may at least give you some time.

    Have you got an image of the card, i am curious how it is set up.
  7. I will do that, unless I will be able to find a cheap card replacment, because it has been acting up latly.
    I will also buy a new case to fight the temps. And ur in luck I found NewEgg page on my card
    I gotta make this PC work good until summer, in June on my trip to US I'm planing to buy an Alienware x17
  8. Should not be hard to fit a fan on that card.

    Its XFX? Email then and they will send you a new cooler under warranty. My 5770 had a out of balance blower making it very loud. shot off a e-mail to them and they sent me a new heatsink for it.

    Worth a look I would say
  9. That would have been my reaction, I wouldn't go though all the trouble, but I bought the card in US, and right now I'm in Ukraine, anything would be cheaper than paying delivery from somewhere in California
    And the two year waraty is out for sure.
    Btw, for now i'm using my old notebook, and i tried using my Integrated videocard but Widnows dosen't detect it
  10. XFX normally offers a lifetime warranty. I am not sure if they can send you a heatsink in Ukraine, but it never hurts to ask. I did not pay any shipping on my replacement heatsink

    What are your system specs(Board and CPU). For instance a H55 board while it has onboard video, needs a cpu with onboard video to work. So my H55n-usb3's onboard video ports will never work with my I5 750 since it has no onboard video. Some boards will need the dedicated card removed to use the onboard as well.
  11. Actualy, it was a driver confilct, fixed it this morning.
    And I did look it up, Servis is only in US and Canada, but i think i have worked out a solution, a friend of myne knows a good computer place, i should be able to find what i need there)
  12. Driver conflict with the video card? I did see Rivatuner shut off the fan on my old X1900XT. Card got to over 118, when i noticed it had been playing games for hours(and fan-less. I can not believe it still works to this day, but the fan is now connected to the power supply because it makes no noise anyway(accelero)).

  13. Hey, i got it soloved pretty good right now, but where should i store my video card without damaging it, right now i just pluged it in, without PSU, or monitor
  14. IF you have the package it came in, that is always a good place to store it(I assume you are storing it to fix it later).

    Failing that those anti-static bags that come with a motherboard are another good place to store computer parts, then you can just lay the card on a shelf or in a box somewhere.
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