I3 2100 support 1600MHz RAM?


Intel shows that Core i3 2nd Gen. 2100 (3.1GHz) supports DDR3 memory with only up to 1333MHz.

I want to know, if I have this i3 2100 with a motherboard which can do up to 1600MHz & 2400MHz (overclocked),
what is the maximum frequency I can go up to? 1333MHz ? Or 1600MHz?

Thanks! in advance... :)
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  1. Hi! The i3 is a dual core with 4 threads and it supports memory modules of up to 1333MHz, as you can check on the link.

    Best regards.
  2. So, nothing more than 1333MHz. right? Thank you for your time notlim981!
  3. You can overclock the RAM in BIOS to run at whatever speed it is rated at. But very little performance gain is achieved going from 1333MHZ to 1600MHZ.
  4. Mmmm.... thanks! but it seems like my question didn't mean what i want.

    It's like; can I run an i3 2100 (1333MHz as Intel shows) with a original PC3 12800(1600MHz) clocked RAM?
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    Yes. The RAM freq will default to 1333MHZ.
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  7. Mmm.....then, :) Thank you for your time!
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