Are there games made just for windows7

I am not real computer saavy, but the games I used on my laptop before don't work on my new laptop with Windows7. Is there a way I can make them work?
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  1. What games are you referring to?
  2. and is your OS 64-bit?
  3. the answer is maybe, if the CPU can deal with VM, win7 can run XP in VM mode, and if the games do not have intense graphics, or require hardware acceleration, the only alternative is to boot the computer with The Ultimate Boot CD and wipe the drive, use the XP disc to do a install and repartiton the drive into at least 2 drives, then reboot the computer with the Win7 disc in the drive and install it on the other partition, then you can dual boot the system and then you can play the older games as well
  4. Well we do have Dx11 games... that sorta counts.

    Try running in compatibility.
  5. arges86 said:
    and is your OS 64-bit?

    Really old games dont always work on my 64-bit vista, however I thought windows 7 fixed that with better backward compatibility?
  6. You could run them in a VM.
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