What are the signs of a dying graphics card?

Today my screen went all gray, then flashed black and my mouse cursor was dis formed some sort of graphical glitch idk what.

I restarted and all was fine. Not sure what it was, I wasn't using the graphics card at the time and the temp was at 38 degrees idle.

Maybe it is my monitor? Could it be? It was very random. I have been taking very good care of this card, heck I probably only used it a month in total out of the last year for gaming. (Because it's my secondary system.) It's a radeon 5670 from MSI. Only had a 1 year warranty. The monitor I'm not so sure, it's a Samsung @ 1920x1080 resolution. Hertz limit is 50.

I mostly just browse the web. Card was bought in January. I played a game on it today and it was fine.
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  2. This could be caused by many things and not just the graphics card. Try running a memory test program overnight such as memtest86 to eliminate the memory as the cause of your problem.
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