600w PSU?

Hello, currently I have a antec neo eco 620w psu. im thinking about getting a 600w psu.
now, your probably thinking "wow, what a dummy, why would he do that?" the answer is simple. im getting a white case, and i found a white psu!

this is the psu its 12V and says it can deliver up to 46A . i know that normally they are 30A psus, but im not sure if this is good, or bad (going up 16A). im aware amps are current, so itll deliver the volts faster (i believe).
my current system runs below 400W, so thats ok. but i was wondering what the highest specs atm you could have with a 600w. if its not very high, ill wait for later and buy a bigger white psu.
the companies for cpu and gfx being intel and nvidia.

long story short: whats the highest specs you can have safely on 600w?

EDIT: also, its modular. i sorta know what that it, but could someone explain it to me so i know for sure?
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  1. Hello illegalrugalah;

    People have spent a lot more than that to do custom modding to personalize their computer systems. If you like the idea, and you want to do it, no reason not to.

    That PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 600W is a good one.
    It will run any single graphics card out there. And it will do SLI/CFX with many mid-range cards as well.
  2. A modular (or partially modular like Silencer MK III 600W) has power cables that are not attached full time. You only use the cables you need for your parts.
    That cuts down the amount of un-used cables in the case and makes for a neater, less cluttered appearance inside the case.

  3. PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 600W Power Supply Review

    Here is the breakdown on which cables are attached full time (Native)
    and which cables you can add as needed (Modular)
  4. i have 2 of those, Excellent buy, i totally recommend since its built by SEASONIC which is GOD PSU maker
  5. ahh. the modular idea seems AMAZING. i just further improved my cable management and have 3 or 4 completely unused cables behind my mobo.

    also, if i choose to SLi 550s would i work with a i5 2500k? im looking into buying a i5 2500k and in the future (possibly a few years) ill probably want to sli550s or buy something of equivalent power. ive heard of psu supplement devices that feed directly into your gfx cards. in the situation of running out of power, could i use one of those?
  6. and @dosdecarnitas how do you "juice" out more power? sounds fun :D

    im looking through the review and trying to figure out how to "juice more out" but i feel like a baby being taught calculus...

    and good news @wr2. ill buy it and sell my current psu to a friend. i love the white look :D
  7. Best answer
    Plenty of power for GTX 550 ti SLI and CPU overclocking.
    No need for anything else - the Silencer MK III 600W has it all covered.
  8. I think dosdecarnitas is talking about the AC power pulled from the wall on the max load test in that Hardware Secrets review.

    734W AC to make 597W DC power for the PC parts. That's 81.4% Efficiency under full load in a hot box stress test.

    edit; on page 7
  9. thats awesome.
    does it automatically kick in when necessary? or does it need to be manually activated?
    i wont ever do it (because if it comes a point where i have bought a i5 2500k and 2 550tis and can upgrade further, i think ill have enough money for a new psu ;)
    im just a very curious boy
  10. Best answer selected by illegalrugalah.
  11. illegalrugalah said:
    and @dosdecarnitas how do you "juice" out more power? sounds fun :D

    im looking through the review and trying to figure out how to "juice more out" but i feel like a baby being taught calculus...

    and good news @wr2. ill buy it and sell my current psu to a friend. i love the white look :D

    :D well i mean they overloaded the PSU and delivered 712watts no issues at all, i mean 600 watts will be delivered easily :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  12. There it is - on the Overload Test - page 9
  13. haha coool:) so even if i stretch it to 650+watts then im safe?
    now THATS quality ;)
    thanks for your help guys, ill buy it! its a shellshocker so ill try to pick it up ASAP... i my parents didnt need to order it :p haha
  14. anyway in my intel build i have a 3450 no overlock with 2 6850 in crossfire and one Crucial SSD and a Hitachi 7200RPM hard drive and everything runs nicely ohh and a SAMSUNG DVD burner

    the other is an AMD FX8120 overclocked at 4.2ghz stock voltage and a HD7870 same hard drives and optical
  15. Running on a 600w?

    And thanks for the page Wr2, couldn't find it :)
  16. Ahh I see it.
    At that point does the temperature increase much? Or is it still ~50° C?
  17. More stress testing in a hot box.

    If you look at that chart you'll notice the 'Room Temp' during the test was 43C ( or 109.4F).
    That's a large part of the reason why the PSU exhaust temp was 52C.
  18. I doubt you'll ever be running your system much above 80F.
  19. in a hot place maybe with no AC you can get above 80F... also seasonic psus have that ripple and noise levels lower than anybody and that has to be god for something
  20. When I game my gpu can reach 70 C.
    I live in AZ so it's very hot.
    My system temp Idles at 85-95f
    not sure about mypsu though. But my room temp is~ 80
  21. For a GPU 70C barely breaking a sweat.

    Maximum GPU Temperature: 100 C
  22. i live in monterrey mexico which i get 110 in the shade, this past week, so 70C on the PC is easily achieved
  23. Ahh

    Another side question, which psu it's better, the white were discussing or my antec neo eco 620w?
    And for what reasons?

    Thanks for all your guys help, btw :)
  24. Here is a chart from the THG review on GTX 550 ti,2892-16.html

    In the chart and in the review they mention 'rise above ambient' (or Delta (change) vs Ambient).
    This points out how just about all PC cooling issues are affected by local temps.

    For example; room temp of 26C. Add the rise above ambient test result from a full load test and you should get the expected GPU temp. 26C plus 56C for the Zotac 550 ti should be a GPU temp of 82C.

  25. ive had some few EARTHWATTS from antec (5 to be exactly) and they are good psus, but again some are made by DELTA and... aha SEASONIC... so no matter which... both are probably made by sesonic :D

    great thing in this are the modular thing
  26. Right that's a good point ahaha.
    And that's a cool chart. Didn't know it was so mathematic :D
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