Lian Li PC K57 Case's Headphone Jack is too big??

Welcome, everyone. I recently bought a Lian Li PC K57 case for my first build. It's a pretty nice case, fits everything, but the headphone jack on the front of the case is just a bit too big to input headphones into, and too small for the bigger headphone plugs. I can get sound out of it, but it's very loose. If the cord gets tugged in the slightest the headphones will cut out of one ear or the other, or the plug will even come out completely.

I sent Lian-li an e-mail about the problem and am awaiting their reply. I'm hoping there's a fix for this that doesn't involve sending my case back. In the meantime, should I be putting a lot of work into cable ties or just leave it a big mess until I find out if I have to send the case back? Right now the computer is just sort of sitting on a table without its sides on and I'd like to move it and keep it safe.
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  1. can you use the sound jack on the back panel of your motherboard,im quite sure most boards have them,i use a relatively cheap sound card for my audio,i have found the headphone jacks on the front of my cases quite unreliable
  2. I have an ASROCK z77 extreme4 motherboard. The audio outputs on the back are some crazy HD audio set up. You're right though, after some investigation there is an audio output that works as a headphone jack.
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