I was testing my side fan to see if it would fit in my case with the heatsink.. It doesnt.. I actually pushed the heatsink in far enough to where it was bending my case fan.... did this put to much pressure on my CPU...I cant test it until tomorrow... (still setting up) I'm scared shitless..... anyone know if I could have broken it???
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  1. Hello Fallen_Glory;

    You could have broken it.

    But there is also a good chance it's OK.

    Let us know how the test going tomorrow.
  2. how much of a chance I have broken it.... freaking out right now.... I doubt I did because of the fact the heatsink didnt move back at all... it just bent the fan forward
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    No way to guess really, only testing can tell.

    Once the CPU is locked into it's socket it's pretty secure. There is some 'give' in the motherboard and that might have been enough to prevent damage to the socket package.
  4. forgot about the give.... plus the fan I'm using has springs to help it from pushing down to hard on the processor :D things may be looking up (I hope)
  5. Both of those might have saved you a lot of grief.
    Hope it tests out OK for you.
  6. thanks man.... no sleep for me -_- gotta wait until 7 tomorrow when my dad gets home.... he knows how to wire the stuff to the board....... i dont
  7. will post results tomorrow
  8. it worked :D
  9. I practically died from excitement.. windows is going on now... then norton
  10. Excellent.
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