Computer cant load software for 5670gpu

I have been thru my c/drive manually deleting any ati software i find after using ati's own removal utility from control panel. reboot, new hardware found, load cd, install, error, ck error, download sucess, no video, pop up says no drivers on disc for vga compatable hardware, download correct software from amd same story, open control panel, ati rem/ins utility only, will show on remove disappears when i click install in control panel, my machine meets or exceeds requirements on box?
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  1. With the power cord to the wall unplugged, remove and re-seat the card. Plug-in the power cord. Download Driver Sweeper here and run it to remove all the ATi programs, drivers, etc. The Catalyst Control Center must have the MS .NET software installed before it can run. If you do not have it, including the updates from Windows update, download and install it. Re-start.

    Go to the ATi support site here, download and install the software for your operating system and card.
  2. I did what you said and I can tell it tried to work because my monitor flickered several times,(the one plugged into the motherboard). that never happened before so i'm guessing it's reloading the old ati200 software somehow. still no video or software success with the 5670. thanks for your advice though
  3. If you have not tried the 5670 in another computer, do so. You may have a bad card. If you do, you need to return it for replacement as soon as possible.
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