!!!NEED HELP!!! nothing happen

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I finally had all the components to build my new computer. I builded it really carefully and I even wore gloves :pt1cable: . When i was done I tried to turn on the computer but, as I was worried, nothing happenned :( . No sound, no fan, no beep, nothing. I really don't know what the problem is. As far as I know, everything is well connected and nothing is missing. it might only be the power button that I pluged at the wrong place (because i don't really know where it goes) but i have some doubt on the psu. I'm absolutly not sure because of a green light on the motherboard that is on when the power supply is connected but there's nothing on the psu to tell me that it's working. I don't know if it can help but these are the components:

asus p8h61-m lx
intel core i3 2120
kingston hyper x blu ddr3
gigabyte amd radeon hd6850
ocz 600adjsli-b reconditioned (that's why i think it might be broken)
and some random westendigital HDD


I apreciate all the help you guys will provide me.
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    Hello 2260121;

    Look over the forum's "System won't boot" checklist and troubleshooting guide.
  2. Double check that you have connected the power switch correctly.
  3. OMG, it WORKS!!! Sorry guys it was a stupid mistake from my self. I just putted the ram in the wrong slot. I feel so stupid right now.
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