Help! Slow boot speed with new build and old hd

So I just built my new computer with everything new but the hard drive and the boot speed is really slow.
Here is what I got from Hd Tune:

Transfer rate
Max 111.2 Mb/s
Min 7Mb/s
Average 78.7 Mb/s

The hard drive I'm using is a WD Caviar SE16 With 320Gb

Should I get a new hard drive or is something else causing slow boot
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    If its just slow to load windows thats because the HDD is an older slower design, if it is slow to post and get to the windows loading screen turn on quick boot in BIOS, it skips some of the extra checks at boot to speed it up significantly.
  2. It's slow loading window 7.
    Are those numbers okay? If not how much storage I need for ssd to run window 7
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