Laptop constantly running at 50%

Recently, my computer's CPU and RAM has constantly run at 50%-70%. I have checked my task manager and what uses the most is Steam (104,000k) and Chrome (98,000k). I have run a virus/malware scan with no result. Can something be wrong with my laptop? I have an intel Core i3 M350 and 4GB of RAM.
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  1. CPU at 50%-70%?
    or RAM at 50%-70%?

    RAM at 50%-70% is not a problem.

    What's the CPU doing at idle?
  2. @ idle, as in shutting down Steam and Chrome.
  3. The ram is just used at about 50-70% of it's capacity.
    If what you say about your CPU is right then all you are doing is not fully stressing the CPU. Maybe your running applications not threaded for multiple cores (and HT) so that the first core is at ~100% and the second is still idling around ~50%.
  4. WR2 said:
    CPU at 50%-70%?
    or RAM at 50%-70%?

    RAM at 50%-70% is not a problem.

    What's the CPU doing at idle?

    They are both idling at the same %.

    With both closed, 40%.
  5. Boot up in Safe Mode.
    CPU activity still the same?
  6. In safe mode, at around 20-30%.
  7. What programs/processes are using the CPU to make run @ 30% usage?
  8. I'll have to reboot again. Gonna take a few minutes.
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    Let it run for 10 min and take reading at the start and at the end of that time.
    Take note of what programs/processes are using up CPU %.
    If you click once or twice on the CPU% column it will sort by which are using most of the CPU cycles.
  10. You can try Safe Mode with, and without networking to see if there is any difference.
    That could be interesting.
  11. open the task manager, go to the process tab, click on to CPU column to sort the process in % of cpu utilization order. Then take a look which is taking most of the processor %... search in google that process or post it here, maybe we can help you
  12. It's still 30-36%. What's using memory up the most is explorer.exe and svchost.exe.
  13. Don't worry about memory. Forget about that.

    What's using the CPU cycles?
  14. Uhm. PMB.exe and rundll32.exe? Now that my computer is reset (it's not in safe mode) it's at 5-10%. RAM is still 55%
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