Computer freezes then beeps with this new video card

Ok so I got this XFX Radeon HD 6570 for Christmas and everything was going fine till like if I am on my desktop on youtube It freezes then beeps but If I play skyrim then it works fine for as long as I play it then it freezes and beeps on youtube. I really want to know whats going on I am real confused I installed the drivers and stuff I have Windows XP Home Edition Service pack 3 to try to solve it I even tried redoing my computer today it still does it :(! Please help heres my specs
Motherboard: Gigabyte M61PME-S2P
athlon 64 LE-1640
Power supply: 400W
Radeon HD 6570
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  1. im no expert but that 400W PSU is a red flag
  2. 6570 doesn't use a lot of power so its probably not the issue.

    "even tried redoing my computer today". What does that mean? "freezes and beeps on youtube." Not sure of that either. Does it unfreeze?
  3. What I mean by I redoing my computer I mean I Formatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows xp today. And no it does not unfreeze I can't even move my mouse when it happens. So I restart my computer.
  4. This is whats happening to me too. Freezing during using the internet, but when I get in a game it's fine. Different gpu though. Sorry I can't help, I'm stumped too.
  5. Did you load the drivers? If you already reloaded windows, then the PSU would be the correct next step. Try a new one.
  6. everyone that mentioned the psu is absolutely on the right track If I were you I would go to bios and see power being consumed and then make your judgement under load of coarse it will use more power
  7. I installed this one different driver and it hasn't locked up yet if it does i'll check and post the usage :)!
  8. please do keep us updated
  9. how do u find how much power is being consumed? in bios
  10. You can't, you'd have to use a Kill a watt. I'm thinking he meant the bios will tell you what the voltages are coming into the motherboard. Under a "PC health" section it should say something about the 3.3, 5, and 12v "rails" of your PSU. When he said "under load of coarse it will use more power" that means the rails will go down a bit. So if you look and your 12V rail in the bios says 11.5V, then you can expect "more" to be drawn when playing a game and it could go down to 11.2 or something like that. That is out of spec for the 12V rail, and your video card or CPU might have issues running with that little power being delivered.
  11. at 12v it says 11.something so what does this mean what should I do?
  12. Depends what that something is.
  13. What do I do? I am so confused. i see a whole bunch of V's by stuff o_O
  14. take a photo and post it here if you can't remember them all.
  15. I'd still try a different PSU next.
  16. so it is the psu? too much usage in it?
  17. Low quality ones can't provide the power you think they can/should. (Or what they claim) While the card you have doesn't use a lot of power, it seems that even at idle your PSU can't provide 12V but only 11.8. Once you try to play a game and the card starts to draw power, the 12V rail will go even lower. Assuming the card works, then changing the PSU would be the next step.
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