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Hey guys, I have some questions.

You guys have been so helpful and understanding with my questions, I figured this was the best place to ask.

I am building anew computer for my brother, and he has about $750 to spend. Up to $1000

My main focus is motherboard/processor combination.

I'd like to the best motherboard, something that is rock solid. I usually go with Asus.

I was wondering what the best setup would be. I really want to maximize my value on this machine.

Would it be worth my while to focus on motherboard and upgrade the CPU when the price falls. You know like have and upgradeable cpu socket type?

I prefer intel/nvidia/asus. And it seems what I am going for is an I7. But what should I be looking at here.

I'd do up to $500 for a good processor/mobo comination.

Let me know what you guys think.
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  1. Do you have any components to recycle from previous build for example, Hard drive, DVD-ROM, Power supply, monitor, case, operating system? We tend to look at the CPU/mobo/video card as the meat and potatos of a build because so much money can be spent so quick on those 3 parts. What is the intended use of this system?
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    My suggestions :

    CPU : Intel Core i5 2500k
    GPU : EVGA GTX 560 Ti
    MOBO: ASRock Z68 Extreme 5
    RAM : Gskill 8 GB ddr3 1600mhz ripjawz
    WD 500 gigs HDD
    cooler master HAF 912 case
    corsair cx600 PSU
    Lite on dvd burner
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  4. Thanks guys, very helpful :)
  5. if your going to overclock go for cooler master Hyper 212+ as aftermarket cooler
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