Reboot and insert proper boot media - random reboots

Hi there, long time browser, first time poster here :)

My computer seems to be running fine most of the time, however I have been pestered by a really weird and uncommon issue.
I have searched far and wide, but it seems that nobody shares this problem with me.

The issue;
Sometimes my computer just shuts down by itself, and then get's stuck on the famous "insert proper boot media" message.

What I found;

Hitting the reset switch and going into the BIOS reports my main hard drive missing. It is just not recognized (explaining this problem).
However, powering down and doing a cold boot (even after waiting just a few seconds) the computer POSTs and boots normally like everything is okay.

What I haven't found;
Any reason why the computer should be doing this. Event viewer shows nothing of interest, temperatures and voltages are okay, nothing is overclocked, even my RAM is underclocked.

What I tried to fix this;
Reinstalling windows (have used two different dvd's).
Updating the firmware on my hard drive.
Blocking the entire range in my firewall (more on this later).
Different cables to the hard drive(both power and data)
SMART reports, diskchecking, low-level scanning and formatting.

And finally, asking around.
I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I love not asking for help and solving issues myself. It gives me a challange, a puzzle, a mystery to solve. Although I don't have a big dane and don't drive a green van, I enjoy it just the same.

But alas, I admit that this issue has beaten me and took the better of me.

These are my spect as reported by AIDA64

Uploaded with
I hope that someone can help me.

Kind regards,

*I blocked the entire IP range because my report viewer was telling me that our media center pc was polling for media on my computer (wich is normal) but was doing this in bursts of, and it's not excaggerated (much), 50 requests per second, lasting 5 seconds, every few minutes.

Blocking this seemed my issue go away as well, if only for a month or so.
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  1. Do I read this right that your computer is ~ $3000?

    If so, the first thing I would do is take out all but 1 video card and all but 1 stick of RAM.

    Secondly, I would right click my computer, properties, advanced system settings, startup and recovery, settings, and UNCHECK the restart automatically button if it is checked.

    If you are getting BSODs that is causing the computer to restart, this should stop the restart and let you read the BSODs.
  2. Actually I purchased my computer over in Europe and to be honest I don't want to know what it has costed.
    AIDA is reporting 4 graphics cards though that is in error. There is just one in there.

    I do not experience BSODS as I already tried that option and looking into it.
    The crash only seems to happen when the computer is idle for a long time and makes it really hard to monitor the situation as it usually happens every.... 3-4-5-6 days while I am asleep.

    Currently I have formatted the whole thing and put everything to AHCI mode, including any optical drives and whatnot.

    At any rate, thank you for your reply :>
  3. The easiest thing to assume is the problem is the hard drive.

    Do you have another one laying around you could install Windows on and see if it works?
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