Looking for a particular case

Hey guys, I am hoping the community can help me find a particular case to fit my needs:

-Preferably a full-size case
-Can easily fit Corsair Hydro H100 (push/pull isn't necessarily a must)
-Removable filters for easy cleaning
-Built with strong materials (won't break easily or scratch/scuff)
-Good cable management
-Preferably a side-window (which is why I'd prefer cable management to show it off)
-Preferably under $200, but may have a wee-bit of wiggle room, depending on cost of other components

If there are any other questions you guys need answered to help me out, feel free to ask!
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  1. That seems to be a pretty popular one. It is newer than the HAF X, correct? Also, has anyone seen an H100 installed in it?
  2. yes its newer than the haf-x

    i actually replaced my haf -x with one of these and have to say its better--and cheaper than haf-x in the uk :D

    i put an h80 in mine but could have got an h100 in there

    think it would fit top of case-- or bottom of case if you remove the ssd cage and could probably even mod it to fit where

    the hard drive cages are
  3. I think I have heard that the fan control is sort of junky, can you confirm or deny? It is also cheaper here in the US. What would you say makes it better than the HAF X?
  4. i got a seperate fan controller--as the built in one only did low/medium/high and i wanted precise control

    plus i wanted 6 channels so i could also use it to control the h80 fans as well as case fans

    i got this one as its quality and you can set the leds on it to red to match the trooper fans


    its better in loads of ways

    holds more drives

    far better cable management--i am severely bad at a tidy install--1st time ever you can hardly see a cable in my pc

    the amount of cables that went behind the side panel astonished me

    has a 2.5 x-dock for quickly sticking in my ssd

    carrying handle--surprisingly usefull

    rubber coating on the top section--no fingerprints

    could go on and on

    heres the longest review ever covering it--if he doesnt explain everything about it dont know who will

  5. I appreciate that! Unfortunately, work blocks YouTube, so I will have to watch it on my iPhone sometime this evening, lol.
  6. hope you have a big data allowance

    he goes on for 36 minutes :D

    but covers everything you could think off

    only thing i can think of is you might not get push/pull with the h100 at the top of the case as one fan may be blocked

    by the handle
  7. I can pick up the neighbors wireless access, hehe.

    INTEL Core™ i5-3570K Quad-Core 3.4 - 3.8GHz TB, HD Graphics 4000, LGA1155, 6MB L3 Cache, 22nm, 77W, EM64T EIST VT-x XD, Retail
    ARCTIC COOLING MX-4 All-Around Thermal Compound, Electrically Non-Conductive
    CORSAIR H100 Hydro CPU Liquid Cooling System, Socket LGA2011/1155/1156/1366/775/AM3/AM2, Retail
    ASUS Sabertooth Z77, LGA1155, Intel® Z77, DDR3-1866 32GB /4, PCIe x16 SLI CF /1+1*, SATA 6Gb/s RAID 5 /4, 3Gb/s /4, DP + HDMI, USB 3.0 /6, HDA, GbLAN, ATX, Retail
    CRUCIAL 8GB (2 x 4GB) Ballistix Elite PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz CL8 (8-8-8-24) 1.5V SDRAM DIMM, Non-ECC
    EVGA GeForce® GTX 670 FTW 1006MHz, 2GB GDDR5 6208MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, 2x DVI + HDMI + DP, Retail
    CRUCIAL 128GB M4 SSD, MLC Marvell 88SS9174, 500/175 MB/s, 2.5-Inch, SATA 6 Gb/s, Retail
    WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB WD Caviar® Black™ (WD5002AALX), SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM, 32MB Cache

    That there is what I am going for. Is there really any benefit to using a Hydro series, over a CPU cooler fan?
  8. a top end air cooler like the noctua or phanteks or silver arrow will compete with the h100

    but may interfere with some ram slots

    and if overclocking ivybridge gets much hotter than sandybridge so the h100 may win out then
  9. Ok, so I should at least plan on still using the H100 then? I don't think I am too concerned with a push/pull setup, unless those are significantly better.
  10. push/pull will be a bit cooler but probably a few degrees not significantly better
  11. Oh ok, so probably nothing to worry about if I'm not doing major overclocking or anything?

    Did you have a dust issue in either of your cases?
  12. would have to say the haf-x was a bit of a dust magnet

    though i usually take out any dust filters anyway for increased airflow and just blow any dust out every so often
  13. I am getting this built through AVA, and right now, they don't have a windowed version of the Trooper. Does this case come with wheels, or just the handle? Also, it is considered a full-size case, right?
  14. the windowed side panel can be purchased seperately--probably from coolermasters usa website

    though i prefered the original panel as can fit 2 x 120mm fans on it to cool gpu

    the side windowed panel probably doesnt allow this

    no wheels--though could probably fit some if you wanted to

    and yes its full size

    didnt see a psu in your build list--hope you got a decent quality make--corsair,seasonic etc
  15. Oh, yes, it's a Corsair TX850. Should be plenty, right? I think I'm having some attachment to the HAF X, since when I initially started my research, that was what everyone was raving about, and I don't really want to buy into it if it is just hype lol.
  16. tx850 is more than needed--could save money by getting tx750

    i have a tx750 and that would run your set up with 2 x gtx670 instead of one--so power to spare
  17. If I SLI the GTX 670 FTW sometime down the road, will 750w still be enough juice?
  18. yes the tx750 will run gtx670 sli
  19. Another case I have seen in the In Win Dragon Rider; it looks pretty good as far as cooling. Has anyone any experience with this?
  20. It won't let me edit my own message, but these are others I've looked at:

    Antec 1200
    Antec DF-85
    Silverstone Raven
    Storm Trooper HAF X
    Switch 810
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