Upgrading an old computer

Hello forum,

My PC specs are as follows :

Pentium D 925 @ 3.6 Ghz
2 GB DDR2 @ 800 Mhz
ASRock G31M-VS2 Motherboard
Thermaltake 450 Watts PSU
Some local cabinet
An optical drive by samsung
XFX 8500 GT 512 OC'ed

It's NOT and emachine,i built it myself.

20 inch lcd 1600x900

I'm just 18 so money is really tight for me.
Most of the parts in it are 3-4 years old(except mobo,HDD and DVD drive)
I was thinking to upgrade my cpu and my gpu to

Pentium Dual core E6600 Wolfdale @ 3.06 Ghz
and Sapphire HD 6770

Just need some opinions if this upgrade is gonna be worth playing BF3 at a decent high-mid high settings and a good resolution.

I'm tight on the money having only $200 to spare and cant afford to buy a new rig.
P.S my old LGA 775 mobo died so this ASRock mobo is only 2 weeks old.

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    CPU should be a decent boost but I am by no means an expert on Intel. If I remember right the E6600 overclocks well too.

    The minimum specs for battlefield 3 is a core 2 duo 2.4GHz so it should run. that being said BF3 is a heavy hitter and if you just replaced the board and are doing the CPU too you may have been better off getting a more modern socket/CPU. not sure what you paid for the board.

    I believe at your res you'd be ok with a 6770 at medium, maybe medium-high. check the 5770 results here.,3063-8.html
  2. I paid $45 for the board,and yeah i was doing some work so i needed my pc to run urgently so blindly i bought it.Cant turn back to buy a new mobo now

    So as far as CPU goes should it do well for gaming/basic work?
    Yeah i will overclock CPU as well as GPU.

    What about the 6770?,,will it do good overclocked?

    Btw how good is my mobo in terms of performance/reliability/Gaming etc?

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