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  1. My vote is for the third or fourth case from the top; both seem to have all the features I would want; looks are for you to decide. The last link doesn't work; maybe for an expired deal. I always have trouble with my newegg links.
  2. yea, newegg links are always hit or miss :heink:

    thanks for input. im still wondering about the thor case cuz its just so huge but that could be a bad thing
  3. sorry space key was sticking lol
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    huntx23 said:

    the first one is a pretty good one and will have a lot of cooling over all the other ones. But its depend on your budget and how much you vallue the back tray and the extra space.

    The front USB,button are well placed so you can use it as a front or underdesk case. Also a pretty big case wich you will enjoy if you buy 1 or 2 high end GPU.

    The fourth one is the money/value case. It provide a lot of cooling for the price and tomshardware made a review of that one. Its realy a good one but myself I went for that one instead: was 5$ cheaper and it was for a cheap build (i5-2500k hd7850.

    I'm not a fan of the antec 900.

    So well I,d sugest you either the first one fi you don,t mind spending the extra money or the fourth one if you prefer to spend the saved money on somethign else (like that beauty if you ever want to OC your CPU:
  5. Cooler Master Haf 922

    Really great case with great airflow :)
  6. @OP,i didn't clicked on your links,sorry.but for $100,i would suggest the NZXT Phantom Newegg exclusive-
    or white edition-
    excellent case for it's price-

    clean interior and cable management-

    enough space for watercooling-

    here's a detailed review-
    scores a solid 9.4
    good luck ;)
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