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When I saw a message that had content completely irrelevant to the thread, I reported it to the moderators like one normally would. Once I sent it, I get a notice that the message has been sent successfully. So far, this is what I expect to see. Included in that message is a link that states "back to the previous page" or the like. If I click it, I only get an error stating that the message has already been sent. There's no other way to return to the forum outside either using the back button a few times or closing the window/tab and reopening it. On my 0 to 8 severity scale, this ranks as a 3, moderately minor.
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  1. It should be a simple fix. The link calls the JavaScript history.back() function, which sends you back one page. Since the previous page is the page where you enter the reason for reporting the post, and you can't report a post that has already been reported, you get the warning.

    The report link opens a new tab/window, so replacing the function with history.go(-2) (to go back two pages) makes no sense. That tab or window only has one page in its history. IMO, the link should call window.close(). Once you've reported a post the tab is unneeded, so it might as well be closed.
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