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Hey everyone, I have a Sabertooth AM3+ and a FX 6100 i took out my Phenom 955 and M4a88td evo-usb3 motherboard and installed the sabertooth and Processor correct. Plugged in the Video card correctly, flipped the power switch and the computer turned on. Lights and everything but....nothing came on the screen, Just a blank screen. I tryed the TV and my Monitor. Nothing. I flipped it off and back on still nothing. I have moved the memory around, Still nothing. I checked and made sure the Sata Cables were right. Nothing. After 7 Hours of tampering with it. I decided to put the old parts back in it and make sure everything was working but before i did that. I called my friend that helped me build it and we tryed taking out the CPU and putting the 955 in the Sabertooth but still nothing. I have put everything back in it like it was before. The computer can run games just as good as it could before

The only sad thing is, its been about 2 months since ive purchased it, So im thinking return is out of the Question. As well as the Warranty has been registered with the CPU and Motherboard.....

If any advice on what to do, please help!
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  1. What video card is it?
    Is your MB a 990x?
    Did you try clearing the CMOS?
  2. you try both the DVI and the HDMI cables ? and are they firmly attached on both ends ?

    all power cables are plugged in........ m4/8 pin-20/24 pin-video card power cables............ all firmly
  3. Is the monitor plugged into the mobo or the video card? It must be plugged into the video card to work.
  4. Hey everyone, its been a few. Um i believe i have fixed the issue. I was excited to see the American megatrends come on the screen when i tryed one last time before RMA registration.. Im finding out now that since ive changed some much hardware in order to run my new mobo and cpu ima need to reinstall windows. yes im going to take a bit more expensive route. I have ordered the exact same harddrive from amazon since i couldn't get it from comp usa. I checked newegg and couldnt really find same one. I will going to get another copy of windows 7 and basically rebuild. But im doing this because i dont want to loose the data on this drive and id like to use it for a build for a friend because it has one of my Trend micro anti virus downloads on it. and it'd be a waste to write over it. I'd like to Speak on behalf of my self even tho it says im "New" Yes i am a bit new but....I have had my fair share of Hard ware and some software trouble shooting. I would like to thank all your help and replys. Im deff gonna stick around in this community. Because i think i'd fit right in amongst other "Geeks":)

    On a side note: Since my board is yes the 990FX sabertooth. It supports up to 3 way SLI. I have a GTX 560 ti and im considering getting another one ( Reference NVIDIA Designed) or if you have any other suggestions please Comment. I think some people know more that others in one direction and vise versa. I am on the Hardware committee for my Gaming clan . but i know keplar is coming and im wondering if its worth the wait
  5. You don't need another copy of Windows if you still have your original install DVD. They don't go bad (never in your computer after the original install), and the new disk will have exactly the same info as the old one. Am I misunderstanding you?
  6. No i get you. But i'm saying is if i re-instal windows on this drive. its gonna over write everything i currently have. and if i just got another drive and used the same copy of windows, to some that would be seen as explict or maybe illegal. So to cut out all the negative and down sides. I figured why not just got another drive and do it that way. This way all my data and precious files won't be lost incase my backups on my external all don't show up
  7. I don't think it'd be wrong to install Windows on a second drive for your own personal use. If you were to give it away to someone, that'd be wrong.
  8. Technically i'm not giving it away. because the cmputer i build with it would be under my possession. Plus i have back ups of that drive anyway
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    I think that's fine, then.
  10. I got FX running last night. I had to update the bios ( after weeks or studdying on it and reading and talking to people) updated the bios with my old 955. turned off and put the FX in and got right into windows ( Had to re-do the primary boot up tho) all is well other than a Memory dump from some dev kit kinect software i shouldnt have got.
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