Huge problem please read, new to computers need fast help!

I recently got my build up and running and after a while I heard a somewhat grind noise.

After playing with Speed fan and MSI Afterburner it seems to be the GPU! What is causing this noise! It makes my CPU hotter when I crank it up! This is my worst nightmare, should I RMA it?

EDIT: Actually it doesn't make the CPU hotter and it runs fine, but WHAT IS THE NOISE!
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  1. Ok, I think it's hitting something, like a loose fan? How do I deal with this.
  2. Slow down, you need to stop flipping out and explain clearly what is happening, because its really hard to understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying the noise changes when you turn up/down the fan speed in MSI afterburner? take the video card out and inspect the fan for damage or anything stuck in it. make sure no cables are touching the fan when it is installed.
  3. It does sound like your fan on the card is hitting something. When you increase the fan speed does the grinding get louder almost sounding like a buzzing noise? Does it go away after awhile?
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