Pc built for Maya 2012

Basically i have almost decided to build a Sys
After going thru Everyones Queries and Replies From very helpful people I came on Such conclusion

Software I Will Be Using : Maya 2012,Photoshop Cs5 ,Fusion 5, Aftereffects
No Gaming (Ps3 Does the Job)
Country : India (New Delhi)
Currency : Rs
Budget : Under 65000 Rs (Under 1300$) - Excluding Monitor
Will Buy Within 2 Weeks
Config As Follows

i7 2600k : 17000 Rs
Gigabyte Z68 Ud4 : 14540 Rs
Corsair 1600 Mhz 2x4gb : 2900 Rs
Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb : 6500 Rs
GPU : Confused in Quadro 600:9800 Rs (B'coz i Have heard these Quadro Workstation Cards Concentrate on rendering Better)
Or Radeon 6850 : 9100 Rs
Coolmaster Gx 750 : 6200 Rs
Coolmaster Cabinet Rc690 : 4600 Rs

And For the Monitor I am Thinking Whether to go for Samasung Led 22" : 8500 Rs
Or Toshiba Full HD 24" : 10000 Rs

My Basic Concern is
1. Choosing Between GPU?
2. Whether To go For 1333 Or 1600 Mhz Ram?
3. LED Monitor Or LCD TV?

Any other Suggestions Where I can Save some money And put it to better use are more then welcomed :)
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  1. Knowing local availability would help to suggest prices better. If there's a store that you buy from that would help to suggest parts.
  2. My basic concern is To Decide the Best Possible "Future Proof" GPU (under 10000 Rs)200$
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