Full or Mid Tower case??

Well, I own a white psu because around christmas im buying a new case to upgrade from my very crappy one and what it to match white.
ATM im looking at NZXT Phantom (full) and NZXT Phantom 410 (mid). Mainly because of their sleek, stylish design. I wont watercool (IMO if I ever had money to throw at WC id just get fans and upgrade something of use, unless at one point im rich ;) ). ATM I have a stock cooled FX 4100 but want to upgrade it to a i5 2500k along with a standard intel compatible ATX mobo. I also only have a AMD 5770 but will upgrade that to a 560 ti as soon as I can. nothing fancy.

so out of those two (or suggest one, if you are so inclined :) ) which should i get if i wont watercool and mod at all?

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  1. i suggest the mid tower, it costs less and it should fit what you need it can support a cooler up to 170mm in height just what you need :)
  2. I can't see any reason to skip the Phantom 410. It's an excellent case at a very good price. Cable management also looks very good.

    Unless you just happen to like the look of the big Phantom better. The price difference I see is only $20.

    Even the interior is white.
  3. if you compare this 410 with the full theyre the same price (not including that crappy looking mouse) and

    and I would get the red trimmed one. IMO it looks nicer. is there any reason not to get the full at the same price? I noticed it only has two usb slots and no usb3.0. atm i have no usb 3.0, but would this be annoying?
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    $25 mail-in rebate is a great deal.

    At the same price it pretty much gets down to which you like the look of best.
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  6. Alright. Im not sure yet. Im buying it around november, so ill just pick the cheapest then! thanks :)
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