Which cooling system is best for my build?

I'm planning to build a gaming system but i don't know what cooling I should get.I am going to overclock my i5 2500k to for example 4.5 Ghz . Maximum temperature i wanna get is 40-50c under load and I don't care about the noise anyways.
CPU : intel cor i5 2500k
GPU : Nvidia gtx 690,680 or 670 sc 4gb
RAM : 8gb g.skill ripjaws x 8-8-8-24
I will have 1 SSD and 1 HDD.
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  1. corsair h100 is a good water cooling system if your case has room for it. The h80 is another good choice if you have a smaller case. If you want to stick with air cooled coolermaster hyper n520 is a great choice,
  2. will these keep the temperature on 40-50c under load?
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