FPS drops at new build

Hey, Im new here, I dont know if I picked a right forum category to write this thread. (sorry for that and sorry for my english skills :) )

I have some FPS drops, but let me start with PC spec:

CPU: Intel G850 2.9ghz
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 6850 OC
PSU: XFX Core 450W
RAM: 4gb 1333
Mobo: Asus P8H61-M LX2/SI Rev3.0

I play on 1680x1050, high (but even @ low settings that problem occures). Games that I noticed that problem are: Diablo 3 beta, Starcraft 2, Mafia 2. Only in Fifa 12 there isn't one.

The problem is: in these games I have stable 60FPS, but suddendly big FPS drop appears (to around 20-40FPS, and even 40FPS is terribly not smooth) for 1-3 secs and after that FPS is back to normal. I tried to notice when those drops occure and it seems to me that they appear in the following situations:

1. Diablo 3 beta
- most often when the environment is being destroyed in large numbers: tables, walls, barricades, everything what can be destroyed by an explosion, etc.
- when blasting multiple units at once (60fps when the screen is full of units, then drop to 20-30 when half of them die in the same time)
2. Starcraft 2
- The new building ends to build
- The new units appear in the game (I dont need to see them I think)
3. Mafia 2
- I have no idea here, I drive around town with 60fps, suddenly it drops to 40 (very noticeable, almost like 20) and back to 60.

What can cause this problem? I have reinstalled OS (windows 7 64bit), downloaded newest drivers for graphic card. For me it looks like physics in games causes that problem (maybe not in Mafia 2, but dont know really). What should I do to fix it, if its possible?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Upgrade your CPU
  2. you dont have the ideal CPU to run some of those games. I would make sure you have everything closed in the back round and only the game open. Dont try to run any other programs. I had It happen to me once with bf3, on an i5 and my frames went from 60 to 20fps and i went to the desktop and realized steam decided it wanted to update, and my nortons decided to run a virus scan at the same time. lol. After closing them out going back to my game it ran fine.
  3. I think that I didnt have those FPS drops in starcraft 2 with my old PC (I played @ low settings, but as I said - there is no difference now), and I had E2160. So is it CPU fault for sure? I thought that I picked a nice CPU, I read about it a lot before purchasing. It had really nice results in starcraft 2 particularly.
  4. do those drops can be caused by motherboard?
  5. I don't beleive it to be the CPU. For gaming that CPU is only slightly worse than an I3 which can run starcraft 2 at high, even ultra depending on the GPU.

    When you are running your games, check your task manager/processes and see whats running in the background. Do you have any anti-virus running? Made sure steam isn't updating?

    Just don't go running out and buying new CPU's untill you've done the checks first.

    you need to check your tempretures as well. Download speedfan or something similar and have a look what tempretures you are showing under heavy load. Possible you can get stuttering if it gets too hot.
  6. I dont have steam, anti-viruses are off, nothing special isnt running in background that I wouldnt have on my old PC. I checked temperatures - they are fine :(

    I noticed that in diablo 3 beta (its easier to check in this game - shuttering/drops are like 2-3secs long, in sc2 its like 1sec maybe less - but noticable) when those drops accures I have almost 100% CPU usage. Almost everything eats Diablo3.exe process. So its kinda strange, coz I dont have that CPU usage in starcraft 2 @ ultra settings.
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