Radeon HD 6850 Freezing

Hey Community,

so i`m having a major issue currently with my BRAND New build. this is my first build, and heres the specs

AMD Radeon HD 6850
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
16 Gb Ram
Bulldozer 6100 3.3 Ghz
Windows 7 Pro, SP1 (64 Bit)
Antec Earthwatts 750W

Anyways heres my issue, my GPU is freezing constantly, everytime i try and do anything from open chrome, to clicking the start button. It will freeze then say "Display Driver stopped responding and has recovered." This happens ALL the time, i can't even use the PC.

Heres what i've tried so far, Fresh install of Windows, updating to SP1, Loading 11.11 Drivers, Loading 11.12 Drivers, changing the GPU from the PCIE4 to the PCIE16 slot on the MB.

I can't think of anything else, I'm in desperate need and have been trying to figure this out for over a week now...
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  1. It's probably the OS (Win 7) have errors on the new drivers, firs try old drivers.
  2. just to clarify, i should try older versions of the GPU Drivers? I'm gonna roll back a year and see if it works
  3. So heres the list of display drivers i've tried from AMD.


    Any other ideas? It seems to ahve started doign this after i did all my updates to windows? I'm not even sure anymore.. maybe its a faulty GPU? Maybe i have the incorrect voltages setup? anything?
  4. Perhaps you should try 10.x drivers. Also yeah, it might be an incorrect voltage, but to clarify that install 10.x first.

    And also to remind you try cleaning old drivers before installing new drivers with program such as CCleaner.
  5. Okay, so i ran CC Cleaner i had a few Registry errors, also had about 500 mb of crap under the applications section.. Just installed 11.12 again to see if maybe the reg fixes helped the situation... If this doesn't work i'll uninstall the Driver, and download a 10.x version..

    Wish me luck, god i hope its not the GPU itself.
  6. Good Lux :)
  7. I am downloading 10.6 right now, i'm really hoping i can get this settled tonight.

    Why would the new drivers be causing an issue on my PC though? I don't understand the logic behind that it seems kind of weird to me?
  8. So. I installed 10.6 but it doesn't seem to have installed my driver at all.. I went to device manager and looked at Display Adapters and it just has standard VGA Graphics, not my 6800 series Radeon...

    Any ideas?
  9. So this is getting pretty tough, This is what i Did,

    Inserted my Gigabyte Disc, updated the chipsets (even though they were already all updated), I proceeded to follow that guide you sent,

    Downloaded Directx installer, updated Directx 11.
    Downloaded AMD Radeon HD 6xxx 10.10 64 bit version Windows 7, installed that.

    Soon as i booted up and logged in, everything looked all nice, resolution had been upgrade to 1600 x 900. Then i clicked google chrome and also opened up my computer and bam it froze up again and i got the same error.

    I've looked through that entire guide and i can't seem to see anything else that could cause the problem.. Maybe its a windows update? I've been reading elsewhere and people are having an issue with a windows update for windows vista causing the same problem?

    Anymore ideas refillable? thanks for all your help by the way :)/
  10. Are you sure that your windows is fully upgraded to the latest version? If no, update it please. If yes, try using another browser? (When you are gaming you don't have this issue correct?)
  11. I have this issue all the time, literally i can't do anything not even browse. It's not the browser i had IE 9 earlier and was getting the same issue.
  12. Have you try Booting into safe mode, then go to device manager (Located at your control panel) then click (or expand) 'display adapter'. After that you will see your GPU there, double click on it, go to the 'driver' tab, then click uninstall. A pop up will appear and says 'are sure you want to uninstall?' or something crap like that just click yes on that. Then at the top of the device manager window search for 'scan for new hardware changes' (labeled by a computer with the magnifying glass near the computer). Then you might notice that they will show the driver of your GPU but it will show as 'Standard VGA adapter'. Then close the Device manager.

    Then download the 11.11 driver in the other computer and put it on a pen drive or something similar to that. And then open the installer and it should install the 11.11 driver there. After it successfully install there reboot to normal mode (not save mode). And then you shouldn't have this issue.

    Hope this helps and good luck :)
  13. Thanks refillable, i tried that multiple times unfortunately, the weird thing is the computer works FINE in safe mode or when the GPU is uninstalled just on standard VGA Mode.

    So i got sick and tired so i went back to ncix today and got an exchange, put the new card in, just installed the 11.11 updates, I'm gonna test this now and see how it works. Wish me luck
  14. Good luck :)!

    Now I can say that the AMD Drivers itself is buggy, I will show another solution when you don't fix that problem after that.
  15. Hey sorry for the slow reply! Thanks Refillable for all your help, It turns out it was the card itself that was causing all the headache.

    After i installed 11.11 on the new Video Card, everything has been running as smooth as can be its fantastic :D

    Thanks for everyones help, i'm definitely going to stay an active member after receiving such great help!, Not often you don't find trolls galore on forums these days, its a nice change :).
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