HD 6670

I have 1XPCI-E,E5700

Intex 450 w psu with +12V : 20A

Will HIS AMD/ATI 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (Radeon HD 6670) will work on my psu

Please reply me I don't wan't to upgrade my psu.
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  1. It would most likely work given the 6670 doesn't require an auxiliary power connection. Jut make sure your motherboard has a pci-e 16x slot.
  2. I have pci-e 16x slot. Which is better Galaxy gt 240 DDR3 OR HD 6670

    Can i overclock HD 6670 1GB DDR5 ON THIS PSU

    Please reply!!!!
  3. The HD6670 is much better than the GT 240. You can OC but I'd leave the voltage at stock settings.
  4. that 20 A rating better be continuous current, not max. you need at least 18 A on the +12v rail.
    i'd keep the 6670 running at stock settings because the psu amperage is marginal (the oc card will use more power). the stock 6670 1gb gdr5 will be a good upgrade over the gt 240 ddr3 anyway.
  5. 240w on the +12v is pretty normal for a 300w. An OC at stock voltage really doesn't increase power usage all that much.
  6. Is there any nvidia equivalent to hd 6670
  7. will hd 6670 better than any nvidia card for my psu?
  8. i'm only upgrading for dx11 that work with my psu
  9. ringzin said:
    Is there any nvidia equivalent to hd 6670

    Not really. The closest would be the 9800GT which is slightly slower than a DDR5 HD6670 but that card is several generations old and DX10. Nvidia doesn't really make any low end cards that are comparable in price/performance to AMD.
  10. You could wait approx. one month and grab a 7850.
  11. nvidia doesn't have any new gfx card that delivers 6670 level and price. 6670 is the most powerful gfx card not requiring any pcie connector.
    @pherule: the 7850 will not be compatible with his current system. not to mention cpu bottleneck.
  12. Pherule said:
    You could wait approx. one month and grab a 7850.

    The HD7850 will likely be similar in price and performance to the HD6950 and certainly will not run on a 300w PSU. I don't see how it makes sense here.
  13. The 7000 series should run with lower power requirements on average, so I expect the 7850 to require less power than the 6850.
  14. That's unlikely IMO and even if so there's still no way it is going to run on a 300w PSU. Even ignoring that it will cost well over double what the cards this guy is talk about cost. It's simply doesn't make any sense for this situation.
  15. are 7000 series out
  16. Not yet.
  17. Pherule said:
    The 7000 series should run with lower power requirements on average, so I expect the 7850 to require less power than the 6850.

    the 6850 has 127 w tdp. amd set their new 7970 with 250w tdp, similar to their previous single gpu flagship 6970. if the new 7850 has 127~ tdp, it will not fit into OP's machine...unless it uses around 60-65 w power.
    wait for the 7850 to come out and match the numbers then.
    OP's cpu will also cause bottleneck to the 7850 in resolutions ranging from 1280x720 to 1920x1080.
    edit: amd has set msrp for 7670 at over $179 at launch. compare that to 6670.
  18. best dx 10.1 gpu for my psu?
  19. Why would you want DX10.1?
  20. @ringzin

    I think even you don't know what you want.
    Could you please tell us what you need? What you can spend? What games you want to play?
  21. I want best image quality in game

    whether it's dx10.1 or dx 11

    suggest me good gpu that will work with my psu
  22. We already did. The HD6670 is your best choice.
  23. the best gfx card for you would be a radeon hd 6670 with 1 gb gddr5 vram. skip the ones with ddr3 and 2 gb ram - not worth the price.
  24. the amd hd 6670 have an dx 11 and it will be the best with that psu of 400w and its minimum requirments is also 400w psu so u should choose that graphic card or hd 6570 but i should go with hd 6670.and if u have an 450w psu u should go with hd 6770 or 6570.
  25. i have intex 450w psu will hd 6570 or 6770 work on it?
  26. Please answer guys!!!
  27. the 6570 might. but it's less powerful and less power consuming card than the 6670. the 6770 is more powerful than 6670. running the 6770 will be riskier because it uses 110~ watt on load.
  28. u should use hd 6670 will be the best answer or hd 6750 the ati hd 6770 will be riskier de5-roy is right so i must say that u should use hd 6670 or hd 6750 the hd 6670 is more powerful and better for gaming than the hd 6570 so i will recommend u to get an hd 6670 it is good for ur psu and risk free.and if u want an good graphic card u should change ur psu to minimum 600-700w.
  29. An HD6770 should work even on a poor 450w PSU(which is what you have.) It is better than all of the other cards mentioned.
  30. just get the 6670 as your psu is a really cheap one.
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