What size power supply should I get?

I'm putting together a new computer, going to use it for gaming. Might over clock my PCU, dunno yet. My system specs are as follows:

CPU - intel i5 2500k

GPU- sapphire radeon 6870 1gb card

Motherboard - asrock z68 pro3 gen3

cd drive - lightscribe 24x dvd r/w

HDD - samsung 500gb 7200rpm

case - nxzt guardian 921 with 3 fans.

I had a rosewill 630w power supply, and my computer was up and running just fine, my first new build. The graphics card wasn't seated properly, so I fixed it, got it set right. Turned the computer on and all my blue leds just flashed and the fans stuttered. Turned it off, unplugged psu from wall, plugged it back in and turned it on. It made a quiet "thud" kind of sound and computer won't turn on anymore. I assume my power supply just died. Do I need a bigger one? I was told my system could get by on a 500w, opinions?

P.S. - The psu dying so uneventfully wouldn't have fried any hardware would it have? As all ways, any help is very appreciated and thank you.
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  1. Actually a power supply frying can take other parts with it. A good reason not to buy crappy brands like Rosewill. The only way to know is to plug in a working power supply and hope for the best.

    You need a quality 500-550w power supply for the system you listed. If you plan on adding a second HD 6870 in Crossfire you should look at a 700-750w unit.

    Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Enermax, Silverstone and Antec are all good brands.
  2. Well I just gotta hope for the best then. If it did fry then I guess there is nothing any of the manufacturers can do about it? As in, could I try and RMA anything and get my money back? Because I will be thoroughly screwed if it fried anything =\...thoroughly, thoroughly, screwed.
  3. Nope. Power supply warranties only cover the power supply itself, not any components that might be damaged by the PSU going bad.

    This list is not perfect but in general is a good guide.

  4. That is really shitty of those companies. Oh well, corporations ******* regular people, imagine that. Thank you sir.
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