Serious help needed!!!!!!!

Hows it goin folks, Before i begin you should know i am a complete noob and this is my first build. I checked the compability of my components before i bought them so that shouldnt be a problem.

Rig Details

MOBO- Asus P8p67 rev3.1 B3 revision.
CPU- i5 2500k with stock cooler
RAM- Patriot g2 series 2x4gb PC3-12800 1600MHz
PSU- XFX xxx edition 650w
HDD- Segate 320gb 5400(old one)
GPU- ATI Radeon 800
Cd/Dvd- Liteon

So I finally put the rig together and Switched it on for the first time. Everything seem to be going fine. The mobo Led came on, the power Led lit up, all the case fans and cpu fans turned without any bother, the gpu also started. 3 seconds later everything shutdown completely then started back up as normal.

At both startups I never got any image on my monitor. The screen told me there was no signal recieved. Thinkin there was something wrong with the GPU i borrowed a working one from a friend (saphire vapor-x hd4870 2g GDDR5). When i installed the new gpu a red light indicating over temp protection came on. I was using two 6pin pci-e cables to power the gpu.

After trying the second gpu and not succeeding I unplugged all the cables, removed the cpu cleaned off the termal paste and replaced it. Bought Integral 2gb DDR3 PC3-8500 1066MHz ram and installed that. I meticulously followed the installation guide. The outcomes were the same, Machine powers up 3sec later shuts down powers up again and still no image on screen.

Is there a problem with compatibility?
Is my mobo or psu not working correctly? If so how can i test them?
Should i just return the components and get a new set.

Any help will be great.

I am sick of lookin at my collection of components lying there useless.
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  1. I am not a big fan of Patriot RAM and an even bigger non fan of 1600+ RAM and a yet larger non fan of off brand RAM.

    I don't want to blame it on RAM at this point because a test with a different kind of RAM is usually a good indicator that it is not a RAM problem, however, I don't trust the test equipment very much.

    Can you perhaps try these RAM items in somebody else's computer to see if they have the same problems as you do with it in their computers?

    Also, you might try just pushing in the RAM harder. If the clamps close that doesn't mean it is all the way in. Problems with multiple restarts are very often RAM related.

    Also, just sayin, you will probably not get away with keeping the old Windows install. You will most likely need to reinstall Windows before you get working again.

    That can't happen with the current problem, though, obviously.

    You may also want a new video card, you can get a 6770 for about $90 or a 6850 for about $150.

    I don't know what you intend to do with the computer, but whatever it is I would guess that an old 800 card is just not going to cut it.
  2. Hey thanks for your reply,

    I tried pushing the ram in harder but its in all the way. As for the patriot ram, i bough a pc bundle from, it included a P67 mobo, the cpu and the ram. I only hooked up that old gpu and hdd so see if i could get the rig to post bios. The mobo doesnt have a any dvi or hdmi connestion to hook up to a monitor. My intentions are to upgrade those components when everything is running post. Could the problem be the the psu? I dont believe it is as every thin powers up fine. My case Mastercooler Centurian 590 doesnt have any audio connector to hear any warning beeps.

    Its lookin more likely that ill have to return the components.

    Thanks again
  3. Before you get to far ahead of yourself. Try one thing, take the RAM out and power on the system, should beep like crazy. After that replace the RAM one stick at a time. If you find that none of them are working, try a different RAM slot. Remember, one stick at a time.
  4. Hey,

    I have connected the cases hd audio connector to the mobo front panel audio connector but dont get any beeps. ive stuck my speaker jack in to every available speaker hole and still no beeps. As for the ram ive tried every possible combination and still nothing.

    When the computer shuts down it and restarts it still doesnt show any picture is that normal. Is there a way to reset the mobo that is easy and wont ruin the mobo.
  5. Reset the motherboard(clear cmos), look in your manual, diagram 2.2.1 should identify the location of the jumper needed to "reset". Identified as 13 in the diagram.

    The other way is the manual method, remove the battery from the motherboard and disconnect the power supply from the board. Then wait about 15 minutes or you can use a screw driver and short the battery connections together for a few seconds.

    Also, when you have the RAM in and you power on your rig does the DRAM_LED light up? If it does then look in 2.2.5 of your manual, it tells you how to fix it.

    Look in section 2-31 and of your manual. It identifies where to plug your speaker into. When I say speaker I am talking about a very small speaker, like the one in the link

    Reading your original post, do you still get the overheating indication or just the rebooting?
  6. Hello mopman 411

    I dont have any small speaker on my mobo or my case only the hd audio connector. Thats why theres no beeps. I am gonna purchase one but seen as though this is Ireland it is gonna be hard.

    If I remove the battery from mobo what problems will that cause? Will the mobo just reset to factory settings as if i just bought a new one? I ask because this is my first build and i dont want to *** up anything else.

    The dram light does not light up. I have pressed the memok button and it flashed red a few time powered down/up flashed again then the led went off.

    The issue with the temp over heat was on the sapphire gpu. its led came on. i swapped it back to the ati radeon cuz i didnt want to ruin that borrowed gpu.

    Any other info needed just ask
    i appreciate you takin the time to help.
  7. Removing the battery won't cause any issues, but when you do that you will have to remove the power supply connections from the motherboard. Doing that and then waiting about 15 minutes will reset the motherboard. To speed up the process is to short the battery connections for a few seconds.

    Either way its a trickle drain, shorting the leads will just make it happen faster. Either way won't cause damage to the motherboard, just be sure to unplug the power supply from the board.

    In your position heres what I would do. Pull the battery and let the cmos clear(unplug the powersupply). remove everything from the board except the CPU and ram. Power it on, watch fro the reboot, fans shutting off then restarting. If this happens that narrows down what the cause could be.
  8. Ok so I unplugged the powersupply and removed the battery for 20 mins. When i powered up my system it turn like it should normally. I restarted again this time without memory and it went back to its old way. So i removed the battery again, this time i restarted without memory and it powered on like it should.

    Basically its gone full circle and im back to the powering up then down. oh and there still hasnt been any picture on my monitor not even a flicker.
  9. Something sounds pretty flaky about that there. If its possible to return the board do so. When you get your hands on a new board do your setup again and give it a whirl
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