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Gtx 580 3gb vs Gtx 580 3gb SLI

Hey guys i was wondering if going sli would be worth it to me, i currently have 2gtx 580 3gbs on me(EVGA Reference model).

Only using one, the other is still sealed, I like maxing out games, even modding with higher res textures.

I generally playing on 27 inch Asus Led monitor(Oddly only has 1980x1080 res) Or my 50 inch led, depends on the game really.

However if I were to sli, I would like to make one a classified model i see in stock just now(As the main hard)

I have my card oc'ed at 910 core, 1820 shader, didnt tuch mem, @ 1.088v.

I like that the classifieds come oc'ed at 900 already, and im taking a guess that it should run cooler than my reference model, tops off at full load 70C gaming, 75c 3d mark,heaven.

Forgot to Add, I tend to get most demanding games, ie: witcher 2, AC, BF3, Skyrim(HD+ modded) etc.

Right now I hover at about 30-35 FPS on Witcher 2, all maxed, including uber on.

What I'm looking for is being set, to only have to upgrade to Maxwell, if I stay on just 1 GTX 580, i'd prob jump ship to a gtx 680-690 when they come out.

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  1. In my opinion it's not worth it right now. You wait for Kepler or Southern Island instead (not Maxwell my friend, it's on 2013-2014)
  2. I think you should return the sealed one and just use one 580, it's enough
  3. Am I missing something here? From me this is a no brainer. 2 GTX 580's is a monstrous amount of graphical power and will out preform both the GTX 590 and the HD 6900. Why wait for promises of future power when you hold the power in your hand now? I feel a Muhahaha coming on. Muhahahahaha
  4. Well so far I haven't felt like I "need" to Sli, everything is playable, 30fps+, most new games at 60 like bg3, but personally I can't tell the difference above 30fps, I mean I just bought 2 cards, just because, and been sitting on using the 2nd(Exchange for a classy) or returning it. Also don't like 3d surround(Until they make monitors w/e bezels or something lol) And I have 3d on my asus laptop and got bored of it within a week of using it, so no 3d for this build.

    I only use the cards for gaming, I don't render or w/e.

    Since i feel like if i stay with 1, I might buy the new kepler model, and if I stay with 2, I would be set for the 2-3yrs it would take maxwell to come out.
  5. Right now you have what might be the most powerfull graphics solution on the planet short of SLI GTX 590's (Quad SLI) or Crossfired 6990's. You're future proof up until when Maxwell does Launch.
  6. Still for me I will wait for Kepler or southern Islands.
  7. Here's how I see it. I have 3 of those cards on water. I switch between single, 2-sli, and 3-sli depending on what I'm doing. Some games look best with the single card due to sli graphical glitches, etc.

    I would drop in the 2nd card and go nuts.

    I personally consider those higher end overclocked cards great for single card use to get the most from a single card setup. I also consider the reference models best for sli setups b/c they are generally less expensive, and the fact that you have sli, reduces or eliminates the need to overclock at all. I've had them all bumped up to 950mhz on the core, and 2200mhz on the memory, and compared those results to reference and 875mhz core. The difference is negligible, but just because its fun to overclock, I kept them at 875mhz/2200mhz memory.
  8. Yeah, I really want to try SLI, but I'm leaning on returning the 2nd one, and hope for the GTX 580 3gb, to drop to about 400-450$ with the new Radeon release in january

    Also, I've had bad experiences with my ATI/AMD laptops and pcs in the past, and stellar performance on Nvidias, so I'm Biased toward Nvidia Cards, and EVGA cards, since I live in Central America, and their lifetime warranty/step up works best for me here since I travel monthly to Miami and can just drop of an RMA in their office there.

    If I do I would like a Classified and set up as the main gpu, since I keep my cards on air.

    And then wait for maxwell, but I also like the simplicity of single GPU solutions, didn't think it would be this hard to decide >.<.
  9. Well, I didn't have the 580, but I did have a heavily overclocked 6970. I was getting 40+fps in every game on the market. But for me, that wasn't enough, so I picked up another and now I am getting 80+fps in every game, including Crysis.

    I say tear it open and go for it.
  10. What's the rest of your system look like? Newegg's got the 2500k at $200 w/ promo right now. I'd swap the 2nd 580 for one of those and a board if you need it. Another promo has 16GB 1600 cas 9 ram for $35.
  11. 2600k @ 4.8ghz(idleat 36c full load 60C on intel burn test), asus p8z68 mobo deluxe, oced it to it, 16gbs ram(Corsair Vengeance LP), 1600mhz, 64ssd for os, 256ssd for main games and 1 2tb WD Caviar green for storage(Wanted 2, but prices are too high for them atm =/)

    Gtx 580 3gbs, oced to 860mhz-1720mhz-2100mhz 1.013V. Idle at 39C full load 58-70Cmax, depends on the game. 70 for witcher 2 only.

    Edit: MY case is this one: it's so old like 2007 old, but that was the best case available in my country(2011)...which would be a better case, I don't care about price.(I had to do little mods on this case to make my H80 cpu cooler fit -.-)

    Always staying on air, just want better ventilation for SLI route.
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    I say return the 2nd card because it won't add much playable value for current games. You can wait 2-3 months because a $50 price drop is surely coming for the GTX 580. Infact you might even be better off selling the 1st card too..and getting 7970s or 7950s in crossfire....They are going to overclock to the point that the overclocked 580 won't be able to compete because its stuck with 40nm. So many review sites got 15-20% extra without voltage tweaking on the 7970 using the pathetic amd cooler....imagine Twin Frozer 3 with voltage control...the GTX 580won't be able to keepup...and Kepler is 4-5 months away from mass availability.
  13. Thing is I'm biased toward Nvidia, only had bad experiences with ati/amd, still have one amd/ati vaio laptop from 2010, terrible gaming experience on it, has de 5xxxhd mobile series, would constantly crash on skyrim on low, etc.
  14. Wait for kepler then...
  15. Yea wait for Kepler then. I currently prefer AMD due to their 2gb vram...but I have a feeling the next 680 or 780 whatever they call it is going to rip apart the 7970. Surely they can get over 25% better performance than the GTX 580 and when that happens it will be #1 again.

    Just to calm the Amd fanboys down...I still prefer Amd and personally own 3 X 6970s due to their pricing..but you gotta admit if money isn't an issue then Nvidia has been better for 2 gens now...
  16. I don't think they will, they will probably in the same level or somewhat little bit better, but you don't except them to 'rip apart' 7970. You can see that there are not much performance increase from GTX 480 to GTX 580... so yeah, you get the Idea.
  17. I think that your two 580s will rip the stuffing out of any game they look at. Just chuck in the second and prepare for awesomeness

    Also, consider this: GTX480 was a massive jump from 285. 580 was a fair jump. Kepler is completely redesigned fermi.... I expect the same thing to happen as it did with 5000 series / 400 seires and 6000 and 500,
  18. Or even wait for maxwell, GTX 580 should be enough for games.
  19. Managed to get the EVGA gtx 580 3g classy ultra, returning the vanilla cards, and going to wait till kepler now, managed to Oc it to 950mhz-1900mhz-2100 on air, doesnt go past 75C on full load on 3d mark extreme. on air.

    And i can feel the difference from my vanilla card, i'll be honest that it was hard to fight off the sli temptation, since i dont really "need it" just felt like trying it.

    So i opened the other one and did before sending back, it's a ton faster, but games still don't need it in my case(Plus i didnt like the main card going over 80c when gaming), since i'm fine with anything over 30fps.
    Kinda sucks that my PSU was bought for sli in mind lol Corsair AX1200 =/

    But then again, i gained like 10-11 FPS more in all games with the classy over a single vanilla.
    Thanks for the input xD
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