New Gaming Build - it has been a while.

Hi All!

I have been building my own machines for over 20 years, but have been completely out of the loop for the last 4-5 years.

It is time to get back into the biz and build a new gaming rig.

Approximate Purchase Date: Probably within the next month.

Budget Range: Hoping to keep it under 1000$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming.

Parts Not Required: speakers, OS.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: US

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, leaning toward an i5. Not sure about the GPU...

Overclocking: Maybe, but not at all costs and not necessarily right now.

SLI or Crossfire: No.

Monitor Resolution:would like to go 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

Additional Comments: Was trying to figure out if i should just try and go with a gaming laptop, not sure if there is anything good enough at the price range.

I work in the video game industry, so i want to be able to play latest and greatest @ high settings, but not sure i can manage to get a rig that will afford that in the price range.
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  1. So are you going to research, post and ask for feedback or do you want people to research and post their suggestions?
  2. Check out my $850 build here:
    It'd be fine for you and a gaming laptop is definitely not the option. A $2000 gaming laptop only has the performance of a $600-$700 desktop.

    If you want to boost the graphics more, perhaps wait until next month and see how the 7870 or 7850 will do at a pretty nice price range.
  3. Great build!
  4. Thanks.

    Any Ideas on where could I cut some costs? I was wondering if I am going a bit overkill on some parts?
  5. I'd get just a 500gb hdd for now then a more capacity one when prices drop more. For one 560ti, you should get 650W since you won't be Crossfiring/SLIng. That motherboard is too expensive. I'd get the ASUS P8Z68-V/Gen3 as it is more reliable and $40 less.
  6. I agree with azeem40... i personally would not use that board. Just from reading the reviews.

    Lots of people are bragging on that $130 Asrock Z68 board as well
  7. Yeah, those are good suggestions. Thanks guys.
    I could also just wait on the HD all together, I have 2 external drives combining @ 1.3TB, so I have extra storage space.

    What about an extra case fan? or do you think the stock will work out fine?
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    Save money on the board and get this one
    It'll offer the same performance and save you money. Equal capabilities and cheaper.

    As for the card, don't get the 560 Ti 448 core. Wait 1-2 more weeks, and the 7870 and 7850 will release. The 7850 will be the same price as the 560 Ti 448 or similar at that. With that said it offers even better performance and even better overclocking capabilities. It also runs cooler and quieter.,3148.html
  9. Thanks you guys.

    I've updated the build:

    Board -
    PSU -

    Saves about 60 bucks or so...


    I'm probably going to have to wait anyways, so your offer is a good one.

    I'm still wondering if I'll need another fan or not, what do you guys think about putting in 20$ or so for an extra 200mm case fan?
  10. Ehh... Not that PSU, that's a terrible PSU. Not that Cooler Master isn't good, the Silent Pro series and newer is good, however the older series, especially the GX series uses cheap capacitors. That will result in shorter life and a shorter duration of it's current efficiency.

    Better sub

    I actually think you don't even need that motherboard, considering you won't be using up to half the capabilities (Crossfire/SLI)
    It saves you a bunch and really, it's honestly better for the things you want to do. The Gen3 assures you of future support for any PCI 3.0 cards (using Ivy Bridge of course) as for the PCI slots, you still can use SLI/CF as it's one of the cheapest Sandy Bridge boards that can SLI/CF. Just saying, some people disagree but the facts are there.
  11. Excellent, that is some good info.

    I'm wondering if I'm not going overkill on other components as well? cough*RAM*cough ?

    I know for sure that I can hold off on the big HD, so that is why I would like a bit of a bigger SSD (os/games).

    Another thing I was wondering, will this be enough to run latest game (say skyrim for instance) @ ultra high settings?
  12. What was your ram choice you didn't list it. This is a solid kit for a low price though, and performs good.
    Don't listen to the people who think this is a bad kit, it has solid timings good voltage and nice speeds. It's also cheap which is a great thing. Wintec got solid marks by THG awhile back when THG reviewed RAM kits.

    Save money just as fast
    I say go with this mainly because of 7200 RPM vs 5900/5400 RPM. It's just so much of a difference though if you plan on just using the 1.5 TB Green for a backup then that's fine.
  13. Ha, sorry about that!

    The RAM I originally went with -

    As far as the SSD, I never heard of Mushkin, kind of scares me a bit to have a system drive that I have no info on dependability, and the price difference isn't that great to sacrifice something like that (I could be mistaken though :) )
  14. You've never heard of Mushkin? One of the best SSD companies out there in my opinion.

    Ram it's your choice, I don't know how 1.25v will effect Z68 but I just know that 1.5v is where you want to be at when overclocking or doing anything. I'm not exactly the ram expert.
  15. Anything below 1.5v will have conflicts with Sandy Bridge.
  16. Thanks guys. This is some great information.

    So i'm wondering, will a SATA disk that is 2.5" even work with this MB? does it need a special cable?
  17. What sata disk? The SSD?
  18. Yeah. It is a 2.5" drive, couldn't find out if the MBoard has a connector for it or do you need some sort of other cable
  19. If it is SATA, the sata cables will work.
  20. Thanks All!
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