Will 100MHz ram work in a 133 mother board?

i have old 100MHz ram, and i want to stick in in a KT133 motherboard with a 900 MHz athlon.

Is that gonna screw up the clock speed of the processor if i put 100MHz ram in there? Am I going to have to overclock it if i wan the full speed?
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  1. Putting in 100 Mhz or whatever RAM will not affect your processor speed in anyway. But it will obviously be less in performance (relative) than 133 MHz RAM. The only area where you can really "lose in terms of speed" is where you have another RAM slot filled with 133 MHz RAM - bec. afaik all the RAM chips work with the same speed - the speed of the slowest chip.
    That means if you have a 133 and a 100 MHz RAM chips in your two RAM slots, both will run at 100 MHz.

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  2. Unless if you overclock your RAM and it overclocks that high, of course.

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