Asus Crosshair Formula IV and MSI Radeon HD 6950?

My mobo is an Asus Crosshair Formula IV with an AMD 1090T CPU. Does anyone know if the MSI HD 6950 TWIN FROZER 2GB would play nicely together with my mobo and still run BF3 on ultimate settings? Would the 1 GB be better as I've read somewhere that the GPU would run out of juice before all of the memory would be utilized on the 1 GB?
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  1. Crossfire? Crosshair maybe?

    No, it won't run at ultimate/max setting at 1080p maybe 7970 or gtx 580 will but correct me if I am wrong, I haven't play BF3 yet.
  2. Doh!! LOL.. Yes, you are correct! Crosshair Formula IV!

    Edit: Edited and corrected.
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