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Ok guys here is my build, and I am completely a NOOB so please bare with me.

video card



hard drive




optical drive


I've read about wiring, but like I said I'm a noob. Where do the hard drive and optical drive connect to the motherboard? Does the hard drive go in with the connections pointing towards or away from you? Also, where do the fan connectors connect to the motherboard? I have everything installed, but the wiring/hooking it all up is where I'm stuck.
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  1. There is a cable called a SATA cable that is very thin. It normally connects to a port labeled SATA on the bottom right corner of the motherboard as it is mounted.

    It depends on which fans you have how they connect to the power. They don't need to go to the motherboard for any good reason other than to get power or to modulate their speed. Some fans only have MOLEX connectors (4 big fat pins) those can't go to the motherboard, they just go straight to the power.

    If they have a tiny little white connector, they go to the motherboard. If the motherboard doesn't have the ports for it (you would see a little white connector that it fits on just by looking) then you may have to get a converter cable to turn it into a MOLEX so it can just hook up to the power directly instead.

    As for the hard drive, you can mount it any which way, but most people leave the connections pointing out towards the motherboard for easy access.

    My racks are sideways and I mount mine in the way that is the most difficult to access, but I am not a newcomer with this sort of thing myself.
  2. Hard drives and optical drives connect to the SATA ports, the blue things on the bottom right of the motherboard.

    Fan connectors connect to your motherboard, the 3 pin and 4 pins. There is one near your CPU socket and 1 near your back audio ports. Have fun.
  3. Your build is very similar to the one I'm about to purchase and build...
    There are some other suggestions on my topic HERE..

    Good luck...looks good!
  4. Thank you all so much for the responses! I'm probably going to have to work on it this weekend, maybe sooner if I get some time during the chaotic work week. Until then, take care and thank you all again so much. :)
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