Antec 900 - Which one is chassis fan 3

Hello my asus software is telling me that my chassis fan 3 on the Antec 900 is running slow at 558, i would like to know if it's suppose to be like this or what. Overall everything is quiet aside from the fan for the CPU i5 12500k the one that comes with it.

chassis fan 1 = 1591 rpm
chassis fan 2 = 1070 rpm
chassis fan 3 = 543 rpm
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  1. Chassis fan 3 would be connected to connector #3 on the motherboard.
  2. just looked, front fan that blows air in. thanks. would anyone know if it would be a problem? or should i get a new fan
  3. Do you know what RPM the 'slow' fan is suppose to run at? If this is a user installed fan, it may be designed to run low RPM. The Asus software is set by the user to alarm at any given speed you set. Or did this just suddenly occur?
  4. If it just occurred it might be an indication that the fan is dying.
  5. i just turned the switch inside the case from M to H and it tell me a reading numerically but where anything under 602 is yellow (not where it should be), and anything above 603 is good and displayed as white. Now it's all good. all white across all three fans now. thanks for the help!!! running 605-626 rpm chassis 3 fan now :]]].
  6. kinda wrote the post unclear, LMH is low med high, and the other two fans were good to begin with, got the third running nice now. The numerical/color readout of rpm is from the MB software.
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