Nvidia Geforce gtx 560 ti installed, cant get sound back :(

This is a very common problem, but I cant seem to get this one fix'd by fiddling with things like I have been able to in the past.

The HD Audio was installed automatically with the Nvidia audio and I've since uninstalled them, I've poked around in the bios and hdmi audio is off but the hd audio controller (onboard) is on. But yet when im playing any audio or a game on my computer, its not just that none of hte audio devices can actuially get audio, but that none of them are registering any sound incoming to them at all. Even opening up the volume mixer and playing something it doesn't show the normal green bar within the grey bar showing how loud the sound is in comparison with the max or min volumes.

Ive since uninstalled all but the graphics driver for the Nvidia card, and reinstalled Realtek HD audio, but still no luck. Any ideas on what to do? If any more info is required I can post it because im not sure whats causing this problem, i know its the video card but ive never had this much of an issue with a video card owning my audio before.

Edit - I just tried to open skyrim for something to do whal waiting for assistance, but the game crashed when I got into the game and past the menu.

Edit x2- Can't even view the menu of skyrim anymore and it crashes instantly.
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  1. Hi, Have you tried to got to control panel, hardware and sound, manage audio device and once there set Realtek Digital Output as default, apply and ok. I had the same problem when I installed my new GPU. I had no sound until I did that. I hope this helps you.
  2. I have tried that after reinstalling, and it hadn't done anything. I tried it once before uninstalling the nvidia audio, tried setting each one as defult and it didnt work, then reset it to the realtek and uninstalled the nvidia audio.
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  4. I use a sound card and at first those steps didn't work either but I kept at it. Does it show a conflict in device manager? Are you using HDMI for sound or an audio cable? All the settings you need can be found by right clicking on the Microsoft speaker icon in the task bar, select either Playback or Recording Devices, you may have to set Nvidia HDMI as the default output device when you're going to use HDMI. One you single left click on a device other options be come available. The only other thing I'd try is to restore to an earlier date
  5. HDMI isn't activated and the audio from Nvidia isnt even installed. But i will give the restore a attempt. I was just hoping to avoid such things if able lol.
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  7. Hi,

    Install all nvidia drivers (audio and video)


    1-Boot in bios and look if you can priorities your other sound card (on board) or disable sound from the video card .

    if you can't :

    2- you can disable sound from you video card in device manager (not delete but disable).

    3- go into sound manager in windows and be sure you use your other (onboard or pci card ).

    You might have to restart you computer after.
  8. The Nvidia driver installer i have is no longer showing audio so I have to download another but i will attempt that.

    I know for a fact that my bios doesnt have priorities for my sound card. It only had HD audio controler on/off and AMD HDMI on / off

    The nvidia card shows up 4 times in the device managaer when its on, and thier all HDMI, disable them all?

    I have both realtek (that shows its connected to the jack) and avnex virtual audio device, should i disable avnex aswell?
  9. Device manager is now showing an issue with PCI DEVICE, but isnt telling me what... o.o only pci device i have plugged in is my new video card, but thats also showing up in the display adapters with a name as opposed to just 'pci device'
  10. used properties to update drivers on the pci device and all 4 of the other nvidia audio devices for HDMI came up again. Their just Digital output Device (HDMI) now though. Not sure what to do with them.
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