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Here is my case:

I change my motherboard and cpu, the motherboard was sabertooth z77 and cpu i5-2500K, i reformat my hdd and add in window 7 32 bit. The full spec of my pc:

MoBo: Sabertooth z77
GTX 460
Kingston RAM 1333mhz 6G

The problem arise when i tried to browse Firefox, it will shutdown (improper way), however, when i used IE or Chrome to browse, no problem at all. Then when i try to run Diablo3, its shutdown again, this time i can heard the fan of CPU sound loudly before shutting down. I checked my temperature, its look ok and this is a new rig, i don't think it is temperature issue.

Ya, i am using CPU cooler Hyper 101.

Any idea what's wrong with my pc?

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  1. Whats the temperature you are getting on idle and load? Did you properly install the cooler onto the CPU chip including thermal paste?
  2. Why are you using 32-bit with 6 GB of RAM?????
  3. BadTrip said:
    Why are you using 32-bit with 6 GB of RAM?????

    Actually I installed 64 bit window, i reinstalled to 32 bit after what have happened, well it seem like 64 or 32 the problem still the same.

    I noticed that before my pc shutting down, the monitor screen turn white and a bit grey, is it CPU problem or GPU problem?
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