Gaming build for 850ish?

I'm planning to build my own computer and I want some second thoughts on the parts I should get. All I do is play video games like WoW and DoTA 2 with Fraps on. It can go a little over and under 850 but I don't want it near a thousand. Also I was thinking of getting a SSD instead a hard drive but is 60 or 90 GB enough compared to a three or five hundred GB HD?
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  1. Budget is 850ish
    I would prefer it would be from newegg or tigerdirect
    I don't need any peripherals or speakers
    I prefer a z68mobo and amd graphics cards
    I would like to OC in the future
    My monitor resolution is 1920x1200
  2. The important bits for a general all purpose system (all prices from US site):

    1. CPU - Intel Core i5 2500K ...$225
    2. Motherboard - Open Box Asus P8P67 Pro ...$140
    3. RAM - Corsair Vengence 2 x 4GB 1600MHz CAS9 ...$50
    4. Video Card - MSI Hawk R6870 Radeon HD ...$205
    5. Power Supply - Corsair CX600 ...$50 w/ Rebate ($70 before)
    6. SSD - OCZ Agility 3 SSD 90GB - $140

    That leaves $50 from your original budget for a case, which I won't comment on because it's such a personal taste. Skimping a bit on the CPU and videocard would reduce costs a bit further (maybe i3 2120, and a less fancy 6870 or a 6850 would do and save $150+).
  3. Would I be able to hold windows 7 and a couple games with that ssd?
  4. Yes, no problem there. 60GB would be tight, but 90GB will be enough if you disable hibernation which will save you the amount of disk space equivalent to how much RAM you have (8GB in this case). A Windows 7 64-bit install should be around 30GB which will leave enough space for a couple of games. A secondary HDD should be used for media storage (you can probably just use whatever you have now).

    Also, I went with a P67 chipset motherboard in my selection because you wanted discrete graphics and won't need SSD caching which are the two main advantages to Z68 over P67. Plus it saves some money and that open box buy is a really good deal on that motherboard.
  5. So considering I put like my games and windows seven on my ssd and my music and other programs that I don't want the extra speed from the ssd on my used... Is it hard to do all that? I've never worked with 2 storage devices so in just curious
  6. you have enough money to get a 6950 is you get rid of the useless SSD. they provide not advantage to gaming. it should be a buy for a later date if you really want a gaming machine.
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