Best video card to run on a 500w psu that is around $100

i have a acer aspire m5641, 4gb ram, built in nvidia 7100 and a quad core q6600 2.4 GHz proccesor. I am a occasional gamer on the pc, but I want to get the most out of my computer on a budget.

I usually play minecraft and WoW. I bought skyrim thinking it would work on minimum graphics but it didn't. So i have decided to upgrade my psu and graphics card so i can play games like skyrim etc. It doesn't have to be with max settings or anything I just want it to run smoothly ( moderate settings would be nice). If what i'm asking for can run off of my stock 300 w psu then please tell me.

I have an acer 21.5" x213w monitor and I don't use the reccomended or native resolutions because for some reason being so zoomed out makes my eyes hurt. The resolution i use is 1280x960.

My budget is around 100$ and I will probably need a new psu so i could go a little bit higher than $100.

a cheap psu I would consider:

And the graphics card is yet to be decided. The graphics cards i have in mind are: the AMD *670 or *770 (don't know about which series), however i have no clue about nvidia, i find them overpriced.

(i prefer to buy from a store not the web, but if it's worth it then i may be willing to do it).

It would help if you guys gave me some good options.

Thanks :)
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  1. Read the article in my signature link. You will not be able to upgrade the video card and power supply for $100, maybe $150. The 6770 are just over the $100 mark. A 6670 is just under $100 and a 5670 is under that, but your CPU is a tad too good for that. A 6670 may actually run on your system without a power supply upgrade, maybe. To be safe though, you should upgrade it, and if you want a good cheap gaming video card, 6770 is good.

    The power supply you listed looks to be OK, the brand has some good reviews.
  2. Thanks for such a quick reply,
    i'll check it out now.

    Do you have any other suggestions for the graphics card?
    like ddr5 or ddr3 or 1gb of memory or 512mb of memory
    are they important.
    Once i finish that i can find a good price and play the games I love.
  3. DDR5 in 512 is better than DDR3 in 1 gig.

    If you can afford a card that has 1 gig of DDR5, great, if not, 512 of DDR5 is good.
  4. hang-the-9 said:
    DDR5 in 512 is better than DDR3 in 1 gig.

    If you can afford a card that has 1 gig of DDR5, great, if not, 512 of DDR5 is good.

    one more thing; I've found some good prices and am wondering which would be better they seem to be pretty even, but it's good to have a second opinion:

    and i'm just wondering if an nvidia graphics card that's $20 more is worth it.
  5. well i have no plans on upgrading my monitor and the psu that is installed i don't know much other than it's stock and has 300w
  6. I did some test thing here:
    and i got 277 reccomended watts, do you think that's safe (with 100% stress and 100% TDP)

    I'd rather pay 30 dollars then have my computer fried.
  7. Quote:
    no need to even for me to look at it, I have one better for you.
    my parents unit:

    Dell Optiplex 740
    Phenom 9850.BE CPU @ 140watts
    4GB of DDR2 800
    2 - SATA HDD's
    DVD Burner
    TV-Tuner card
    3.5" internal card reader
    HD 5670 Sapphire (actual usage is like 75-watts)

    all on stock Dell 305-watt power supply.

    and that Phenom 9850.BE uses WAY more power than your Q6600..
    your good but it's up to you..

    So you're suggesting I get the 6670/5670 w/o psu , and if that isn't enough, then I upgrade the psu and graphics card?

    Heres a comparison i found:
  8. alright thanks you two,
    i've decided to wait it out until there is a decent sale on either one of the cards.
    The psu shouldn't be a problem however.

    My choice: Psu mentioned before, and this graphics card:
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