A8-370K CrossfireX Compatibility?

Hello, I'm going to buy the A8-370K Processor and use it with the F1A75-I DELUXE motherboard by ASUS. My main question is with this setup, can I use the CrossfireX dual mode with any discrete video card? I wanted to use it with the AMD Radeon HD 6850. Would this be possible? Could I use it with an even better video card than that? And how much extra performance would I get from it? Thank you!
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  1. A 6670 is the best card you can use for that.
  2. it wont crossfire with the 6850. the 6670 is the option here. If you put in a 6850 with that chip, the A8 IGP will disable itself and only use the 6850. If you crossfire it with a 6670, youll be able to use the IGP in crossfire and youll achieve similar performance to the solo 6850.
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