Router from cable to wireless?

Are there any step by step "how to's" to connect a router from my home cable to make a wireless network, Internet ready to receive? The cable also goes to my home desktop. Thanks.
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  1. If you buy a linksys router it will come with a setup cd that includes a step by step wizard w/instructions that is VERY simple.

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  2. I was thinking about that CD the other day.. do you think they hire stupid people to walk through that CD just to see how well it works?
    That CD is amazingly simple and colorful.
  3. They probably do. What ever they do it works, even my computer illiterate grandpa setup his linksys router all by himself.

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  4. A programming teacher that worked for apple back in teh days was telling uss that User manual and help was made by people with very little knowledge in computers( and that was back in the early 90s, apparently its common practice now).
    These people would go see software engineer to have an explanation and would write it in a simple way. Then engineer would make sure it remaisn accurate. Thats one of the reason Mac documentation has always been easy to follow.

    So maybe its not stupid people but certainly stupid when it comes to computers heh

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