Windows 8 annoying issue

When i turn on my computer after bios there is a black screen and then direct to login screen(windows logo skipped) and sometimes black screen has a cursor and remains for 10-15 seconds and then to login screen...what could be the reason??
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  1. System configuration ?
    Want more speed : switch system to classic theme . Update OS and antivirus (Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues).
    Full Scan with "SUPERANTISPYWARE" pro (after successful deleting virus uninstall this) .
    Use game booster software (freeware) for disable some useless services . Update bios and hdd firmwares . Oc system . Etc...
  2. Intel Core i3
    Asus P8H61-MLE
    4Gb DDR3

    After updating gpu drivers and using cccleaner there is no black screen with mouse during last 4 boots...but again after bios direct to windows logo...i have checked that GUI is not disabled..
  3. Are you using the HDMI from your GPU? If so try using the Analog or DVI on your MB
  4. Using DVI from showed windows logo before on same configuration
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