AMD FX-6100 core temp readings

Im running an AMD FX-6100 processor on an MSI 890FXA-GD70 MOBO. I've got three fans running in my case, one front sucking air in, one side blowing air in, and one top-back as an exhaust. My system idles at around 32C but when i run Minecraft and the internet at the same time, it jumps to 49C and seems to be holding steady.

These readings are consistent through the software that came with the MOBO and CoreTemp1.0 and Speedfan.

I've been reading that the max temp for my processor is 70C and im worried that either something was installed incorrectly (had it assembled at FRYs because i couldn't flash the bios myself) or if i play any games more graphics intensive it will overheat.

TL;DR: Are these normal temps for my PC/do i have my fans setup right/should i worry about running anything heavier than minecraft?
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  1. They're fine. :) I wouldn't worry until the temps got closer to 70C. Even then, that's just the max recommended temp for longevity, not meltdown temp, so you're plenty safe at the moment.
  2. Thanks. Out of curiosity, what IS the Meltdown temp and at what temperature is it OK to worry?
  3. tarot_15 said:
    Thanks. Out of curiosity, what IS the Meltdown temp and at what temperature is it OK to worry?

    Honestly, not very sure on that because there's no official listing for that, but "literal" meltdown would take hundreds of degrees C to accomplish, lol. As far as long term damage to internal components of the CPU goes, I'd say 85C and over.

    Intel CPU's can handle more heat than AMD CPU's can, but I've had my 2500K up to 95C before being stupid with the stock cooler and it runs perfectly fine, but I imagine I knocked a few months off of it's lifetime, lol.
  4. Hey, thanks a lot. I really should stop googling these kind of problems and just ask the forums. I'm going to keep this thread up as i'm downloading LoL right now and am wondering what temp i'm going to max that out at
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