What do i need to upgrade to have a better performance/quality??

Hello, i have: Evga Nforce 790i mobo
8gb Ddr3 1600 mhz
Intel QuadCore 9550 @2.9
1x Evga 470 Gtx
Corsair HX1000 watts

I would like to spend 500 to 600 $ to improve my rig... in what should i invest my money??

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    since your cpu and mobo are fairly old id probably upgrade those. 8gb ddr3 is perfectly fine and overkill for a lot of games. your graphics card is fine btu if you want to get another for sli or get a better card overall ill set up two for you one with sli since you have a 1000w psu and one without it and just a better gfx.

    CPU: 199.99

    Motherboard: 104.99


    total: 594.97


    CPU: 199.99

    Motherboard: 129.99

    GPU: try to find the same brand card you have. ive seen 470s now at around 185.99

    Total: 515.97
  2. Thank you...There aren't many 470's in the market tho:( ... i guess i should try to save 400$ more and get a total killer mobo/processor combo with this new Ivy bridge and try to get the best from my video card until i find a new/good affordable card.
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