Just upgraded to a 550 ti, can i do better? 560 maybe?

Here is my system before

Dell XPS 8100
Intel Core i5 650
Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
1 TB Serial ATA 7200
1GB Nvidia GeForce GTS 220
350W Power Supply

I just upgraded to a PNY GTX 550 ti

Is it possible I could go to a 560 or 560ti?

I heard dell underrates there power supply's by a lot.

Additionally I know at one point they did offer a gtx 460 with the same computer as i have now and from what I have heard there are no issues with power.

Is it at all possible I could squeeze a 560 into it? Would there be a bottle neck?

I have a dvd combo drive that I dont use, I can pull the power from that if that would help
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More about just upgraded better maybe
  1. You can up grade to a GTX 560 Ti but you will need a 500w PSU to drive it I will give two links to those PSU's. Your power supply is no good and You need a min of 400w to power that bad card of a GTX 550 ti.

    They cost to much money and they don't give you what you want. I know I have two of them in SLI. However it is better than your GTS 220. If Dell put a 460 in one like yours they put in another PSU to run it not yours.

    You will be happy with the 560 ti at 1GB Vram asuming your resolution is 1920 x 1080. Good Luck on this.


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